Tuesday, June 06, 2006

If I Used The Phrase "No Worries," I'd Use It Here

If I noticed anything different today, 6/6/6, it was that all the dogs of New York seemed to be going crazy. No straight lines there at all. I think it just proves my theory that dogs are evil.

Speaking of evil dogs, we played Mr. Dunbar tonight. I'm very proud of Pauley. He did just what I thought he'd do. I don't know if I really made that clear in print; I didn't want to jinx him. But ask people I talked to in real life. I had full confidence in him after that Toronto game. It just seemed like he knew he could do better. And tonight, he proved that. The poor kid misses an easy grounder, and that turned out to be the key play.

As far as the final score, what are you gonna do? It won't be the last time the yanks win on a borderline ball four call from Rudy Seanez. We'll just hope next time he's at least on another team.

Anybody still wanna cheer soulless Johnny after that little fancy-pants celebration? "Jete" has really taught him the true yankee way of taking attention from the player who actually made the play.

Well, I've just successfully taken a piss without getting any on the floor. Since I live in New York, I've been asked to take a fucking curtain call in honor of this feat. Wow, my fifth of the day. These people must genuinely love and appreciate my efforts.

If you're a yankee fan, I hope you trip and fall in front of a lot of people tomorrow. While holding two ice cream cones.

We'll just have to win the last two. Go out with the momentum.

Right on, Jere!

By the way...love the drawings. Hate the curtain calls. :-)

Speaking of which, thought you might get a kick out of this. A Yankees fan hiding his identity has started a little vendetta against me! How cool, huh?

They aren't actually paying the five bucks to do that, are they? (And are you sure they're not talking about me? Heh heh.)
Five bucks to promote ME. :-)

OR you! You're absolutely right!
Those people aren't really mad that we talk about stuff we don't like, they're mad that what we don't like is the stuff THEY like.

It's just like in politics. If you complain about stuff, even if it's totally justifiable, people will say, "Don't you ever look at the positives?" And I'm like, yeah, but I'd also like to see negatives turn into positives, so I say something instead of just letting it go." And, again, they obviously have things they see as wrong and talk about that, and that's okay. They just don't like hearing bad things about THEIR side, so they try to spin it so we're just a bunch of whining, complaining people.
This just in: Blogger really sucks!

Anyway, I was there last night, sitting about a dozen rows behind Giuliani and Spike Lee above the Dunbar dugout. They both kept walking by, and I was tempted to say to Spike: "Hey Spike, didn't you once say that the Sox would never win the World Series in your lifetime? Does that mean that you're not really here, and I'm just seeing a ghost?"

And regarding ovations for peeing...I got up to hit the men's room in the middle of the sixth inning, and noticed Rudy and his security apparently had the same idea and were following me up the row. As he walked by, Dunbar fans got up and applauded...so yes, in fact, they would give a curtain call for urinating!

I went in expecting a bad loss, but that kid Pauley pitched a tremendous game and clearly deserved a better fate. When Manny tried to stretch the single I jumped up instantly and screamed out "What the hell are you doing Manny?!?" I think Tito was doing the same thing on the other side of the diamond.
haha. TJ by actually cheering peeing.

I really thought fans would go the other way on this Manny thing. We've got AJM, Cyn, Joy of Sox, and maybe one of those SG dudes, I think, being anti-the Manny play. Which leads me to believe a majority of Sox fans are.

My immediate thought was "that's showin' 'em that you can be aggressive, Manny." Granted, given the late-inning situation, I'll admit it was a huge risk. But it would've been sweet to see Damon NOT throw him out, and for that, and to see Manny really hustle, I was for it.

And I think it was more of a "I know this outfielder's got a shitty arm and no one thinks I'll go for two," thing than a "I'll show these people I can hustle" thing. So it was okay. And if Jeter did it, they'd talk about his Hall of Fame hustle and baseball instincts.
Jere, I agree that Manny was quite possibly thinking about Damon's weak arm and trying to be aggressive and make something happen, and in general I support that attitude. But the thing is, from where I was sitting I had a perfect view of the entire play in front of me, and I could see from the moment Manny rounded first that, even factoring in Johnny's popgun arm and the likelihood that the element of surprise would buy him another step or two, he still had virtually no chance of making it. Given the game situation, the risk really wasn't worth it.

I try to stay very low profile when I go to watch the Sox at the Toilet, but pure instinct took over when I jumped up and outed myself to the Dunbar crowd around me. The last time that happened was when I was sitting in the mezzanine for Game 6 of the 2003 ALCS, and Trot hit the 9th inning dong to seal that win....nothing like having a few thousand people chant "Ass-hole" at you.

Oh, and did you catch it last night when Wang slipped and threw a pitch near Manny's head? Not intentional, but when Manny had to duck out of the way, a very large portion of the crowd gave Wang a (you guessed it) standing O. Those Dunbar fans, classy as ever.
Yeah, I noticed. Wrote something in the comments of Cyn's blog at the time. I'm 8:51 PM. (I use my email address over there, Two2067@aol.com.):


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