Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Heart Pedro

Just a little taste of tomorrow, as Pedro was just given a standing O, and he tipped his cap. Sweet.

Being forced to watch on SNY, I'm seeing lots of '86 stuff. More on that later. I'll also get Remy for an inning at some point, as they're doing a little switcheroo.

You know what's cool? All of New York and all of Boston are paying attention to this series. No one's paying attention to the Yankees. Execpt for a few moments to do a nice ballpark-wide "Yankees Suck" chant.

3-1 us. Lookin' good.

"I know that Johnny in his heart feels a lot for the Red Sox. He was part of a championship team, but he went to the wrong uniform to come back to Boston. Thank God I didn't have to make the same mistake."--Pedro Martinez

"he went to the wrong uniform to come back to Boston. Thank God I didn't have to make the same mistake."

Petey always was the smartest one in the bunch.
Yeah, Pedro's clearly a very intelligent man, and very well-spoken (for an English speaker, let alone for his 2nd language). I'm sorry I'm missing tomorrow as I'm travelling home to no high-speed internet and no Extra Innings. Hope the recounts on message boards and such will do for the time being before I can watch the archived MLB.com game.
I'll be there tomorrow, representing us all!

I'm thrilled at the crowd's reception for Petey tonight!

Jere, you probably already figured this out...but TOMORROW's game is the one where Remy and Ron Darling are going to switch places in the booth.

Thank God I'll be at the game!
A late comment here, but I have to say that I did agree with you on one of your earlier posts about Petey and his being the best we've seen in a Sox uniform. I took a little issue at that thought, but boy, you are right. I searched my internal memory banks while reading this morning's online Globe, and he had no peers...not on the Sox..good job.

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