Sunday, June 04, 2006

His Name Is...

Jeremy Bonderman scares me. Not his pitching, his face. He reminds me of a middle school bully. Looks like he has to blow his nose all the time. Eyes that make him look like he's always stoned. Ready to party, and kick the asses of anyone who isn't. He has that Kid Rock look. He scares me, too. Put a long straight-haired wig and a little crustache on Bonderman, and he's Kid Rock. Ugh, I hate those Kid Rock face-looking people.

Too bad we couldn't hit him and his Kid Rockish pitching last night.

Meanwhile, the Orioles should have won yesterday. Ninth inning, tied, a speedy dude on first, none out. Do they have him steal? No, they elect to have Jeff Conine bunt him over. One look at Conine and you know bunting isn't his forte. One-tay at most. So, of course he pops out. By the time the kid stole, there were already two strikes on the next hitter. That inning was done. And this was against Proctor. Then in the tenth, down a run, the yanks are forced to bring in Tuesday's starter against us, Wang. But since it's the Orioles, I could've got them out, and Wang did.

Having missed the first eight innings, I held my breath and did the usual "see how many hit by pitches, walks, fielder's choices, and most importantly, ERRORS, led to yankee runs." And of course, Tejada, who I've officially nicknamed "Shittiest good player in baseball history" was responsible for the yanks getting on the board in the first with a big E, his first of two on the day.

I'm wondering if any team in the league besides us will ever step up to be the triple-A effing yankees. Seriously.

Wow, 1:00 PM. Good morning. Red Sox start now. I hope I get Don and Jerry today.

Update: Nope. Mario and Ron. Oh well, they're not half bad.

Yeah, Mario and Rod it was. Does anybody understand the logic behind what feeds are broadcast on any given day? Is there any logic?
The logic apparently used to be: NESN as much as possible. Of course, that was before I got the package. Now that Steinbrenner's spies have told him I have it, there's less NESN. Last month, it went by series. One network per. But that seemed to only apply to Sox games. That's out this month, as we got Tigers 2, NESN 1 this weekend. So, I don't know what the deal is. I think they just try make it somewhat fair to everyone. Ish.

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