Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Now maybe we get rid of shithead Tavarez. He can have temper tantrums, make homophobic statements, and pitch shittily on some other team. Hopefully the yanks. Does great on the first hitter, then hits the second, and that was it as far as I was concerned.

The 3-0 to Trot, why did he have a green light? He's the go-ahead run. Take a walk!

This loss combined with Mariano's one-and-a-half-times too wide home plate, and we're tied.

Stupid Tavarez.

Stupid, stupid tavarez.

I'm gonna tell my little funny story, but don't expect too much enthusiasm: So I see these guys all the time on the sidewalk, wearing blue jumpsuits and pushing garbage pails around. Their outfits say "Ready, Willing, and Able." I didn't know what they were supposed to be doing at first, but I think I've figured it out now:

Ready to stand around and gawk at women walking by.

Willing to rotate all the way around to stare at their passing butts until they're a block away, emabarrassing themselves and everyone around and turning our society back to when we were apes.

Able to do this for every female that walks by.

Terrible job, Bloomberg. Get your head in the game.

Piazza just returned from 15 day DL;
He homered;
The Nut Boy beaned him with a fastball.
I feel precisely the same way as you about Julia, AND his sister Rudy. Where was Little Manny, Terry???
I wrote about this exact thing over at Peter O'Nall.

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