Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Go Teams

I get to go to Shea Stadium for work tomorrow afternoon(!) No Bronson for the Reds, but I should get Pedro.

Our secretary-type person (we'll call her Nemmer--because we actually do call her that, since she's [co-worker] Jennie's nemesis) is a nice enough person, but, well, I'll just leave it at that in case she ever finds out about this blog. She's been known to wear a Yankees jacket, but seems to not even notice that I'm wearing Red Sox stuff. I always get the feeling she just assumes we're all New York fans, and even visual confirmation of other team's logos couldn't pull her out of the fog she's clearly lost in.

Today, Nemmer came over to my cubicle, where me and Jennie were talking about something else, ripe for the interruptin'. She starts asking if we're going to Shea tomorrow. Jennie told her she was out, I told her I was in. Nemmer gets this really excited look on her face. "I'm so pumped, I haven't been there in twenty years!" Okay, I thought, maybe she's just excited because she hasn't been there in a while, even though it's the home of her rival team. Nope. "Oh, man, at my house, I my shrine up for the Mets, I got one for the Yankees, the Knicks..."

That's where I cut her off. "So you're one of these 'I like every New York team' people?"

"Oh yeah. I love ALL of 'em. That's the thing, we New Yorkers are selfish. We can't just have one team. And when the Subway Series happened, oh man, everyone was jealous of us, they all envious and shit..." Yawn. "And then the next year, everyone was gunnin' for the Yanks AND the Mets!" Uh, what?

I've talked about this before, but just more proof of New York backwards sports fans. I just wanted to tell her how ridiculous she sounded. Hey, why don't I just say "I just love sports! Every team is my team! I win every year!"

It was funny hearing her defend her decision to not root for the Devils, even though they play in the same place as the Giants. "But it's New York Giants..." Gotcha.

Casual Fan Ass Hats:

I have NO USE for them;

Anyone identifying themselves as a "NY Fan", I keep a wide berth from.
I just hope that you're NOT in Mezzanine.

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