Friday, June 02, 2006

Get Up!

This was a game where the average Sox blogger had already written "I could tell we were gonna lose this one all along. One of those games where you just had a bad feeling" and was about to publish when Youk hit a two-out homer in the ninth to give us the lead. And in this crazy new Papelbon era, that was the game.

Even a crappy yankee win couldn't take from the awesome mood I'm still in. Thank you Red Sox.

Saturday Night Fever was on earlier, and now Pulp Fiction is. Funny watching the old Travolta after having just seen the young one.

The good thing about being infuriated through a game like this (and this was the most angry I've been at a game this year) is that when the miraculous homer comes in the 9th with 2 out, the euphoria and adrenaline is equivalent in intensity to the anger that came before it.

The upstairs neighbors were probably wondering what in the world was going on with the man madly *screaming* "Yes!" over and over again below them.

Since you visit Joy of Sox, you may have already read that...but it was still SO awesome!
RSN shook with pleasure last night a little after 10pm. I thought Papi's blast was out. Hell, we all did. That was kick the wall time for me. All made better by Yooouuukkk, and Mikey Lowell, with his huge 3rd hit.
& STILL DFyankees miss 1st.


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