Friday, June 16, 2006

Gale' Warning

Tonight starts the rematch of the would've-been 1948 World Series. The Braves, like their former city-mates, have lost quatro in a row. We should sweep them, if only because baseball always brings the unexpected, and the Red Sox look like the worst one-game-back team in baseball right now. But now that I'm expecting the sweep, that makes getting swept the unexpected. So, I'm actually expecting to get swept. (Now we'll sweep!) Did I say that out loud? Oh, no, there were parentheses, I'm safe. The point is, our hitting should be enough to save us even when our pitching is this bad. So, once they start doing that, which they will, and with the added bonus of some better pitching (Theo: That's your cue, buddy!) coming soon, I think, as I usually do, that we'll be fine.

I think we're heading for third place...your yang needs to kick my yin's ass...
You know, some people think it's "ying" and yang. Glad you're up on things. I like Margaret Yang myself. Shoeshine McGee-style. I think I just lost 99% of the audience.
With you up to "Margaret Yang", but "Shoeshine McGee" is lost on me.
Interest! Nice! Okay, so, after Max has the talk with Yang, when she tells him she faked the results, he tells Dirk to take notes for possible members of a new club. As the audio fades to Cat Stevens' The Wind (I think) you hear max listing names. I think it's the last audible one: "Shoeshine McGee."
"Would've Been", like "Almost" doesn't count, except in horseshoes & hand grenades:

@ least that's what I was told in Brooklyn over 40 Years ago.
Jere, Thanks for the info about the Sox and the Braves in Boston over on Cyn's blog.

It was the second time I saw that movie that I fell in love with it. The first time, I thought it was good but didn't really appreciate it for just how very good it was. Then I watched it like ten times in the space of two weeks. It's one of the few movies where I feel sad when it's ending, not because the ending is that sad, but because I know I won't be able to spend any more time with the characters.

But I have to say, Ms. Yang's "I faked all the results" speech as a summary of Max's problems and thematic content of the movie in general is kind of...obvious (I think I noticed this around viewing #3, though), and I'm usually not much for noticing such "subtext".

Best use of The Who EVAR!!!
John- No problem.

'vinity- I'll have to think about the Yang scene and get back to you with my opinion. I guess I just usually leave that scene thinking "He said Shoeshine McGee, hee hee..." Probably the scene I've thought the least about in the whole movie. Glad you brought it up. Or, I did, or something.

But I've said the same thing about Wes Anderson movies--I just don't want them to end because I want to stay in that world.

And I'm still waiting for a band to dub themselves "One Dead Fingernail."

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