Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Just throwin' up random Pedro pics for the hell of it at this point. This is from video I shot in April '02 at Camden Yards. Terrible job by some reporters whose take on last night was "The party's over!" and "Boston's love affair with Pedro ended..." What? Even after seeing how we treated him, they can't help try to make it sound like he's a hated dude. And he is--by the media. That's why I love how they can't control our thinking anymore. We can make our own websites or whatever, that have more credibility than their stupid newspapers. Voice of the people. (And I can't even bear to look at BDD today. And I won't. Hey, maybe this is a good time to start my lifetime ban of it.)

In other news, great job by Kleenex on the "warning tissues." Are you familiar with this? I've got a box of white tissues here. Toward the end of the box, they turn yellow. When you reach the yellow ones, you know the box is almost empty. Genius.

In other even less-related news, I'll often hear a word or phrase in life and say, "that should be a hardcore band." One that's really stuck in my head for a while is "Gang Up." How is there not a hardcore band named "Gang Up"? Today I walked past a sign that said "Bloodwork." So...ya know.: "We're Bloodwork from East Saint Louis, Illinois! This song's called 'Char'! 1 2 3 4!..." Look for this to be a repeating segment.

In other even less-related news than either of those previous two things, I sometimes go to the pizza place next to my office for lunch and get, along with a Sicilian slice, the "five garlic knots for a dollar" deal. Every time I think, Is there a chance I'm getting six out of this deal? It's not an exact science. I figure, if I worked there, I'd eyeball it, make sure I grab at least five, and if I come up with six, oh well. Everybody's happy. Plus, if I like the customer, I'm giving six automatically. Every time it's been five for me. I've noticed that this one worker-dude has taken a liking to me, predicting my order, making jokes, you know, that kinda thing. So I'd been hoping to reach the six plateau with him at the helm.

Today, not only did I finally crack the stubborn five mark, but I possibly set the all-time record, with seven (7) garlic knots. That's $1.40 worth for a mere dollar. I've got two left, in fact, as I write this. So I'll let you people go now, as I've got a date with two bonus knots.

I'm done with BDD after today's rant by him. It was beyond pathetic, and I hope you did yourself a favor Jere, and passed on it.
I just don't want to know. It just kills me knowing that someone with so much influence and who goes to so many readers is saying such horrible things. I can't even look. I'll never go again. I promise myself this time. I really hope he just goes away. Someone tell me when he gets fired, please.

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