Friday, June 16, 2006

First Dude That Comes To Mind For Each Uni Number

1 McNamara, 2 Remy, 3 Rick Miller, 4 Doerr, 5 Nomar, 6 Buckner, 7 Spike Owen (also wore 5), 8 Yaz, 9 Ted, 10, Gedman of course, 11 Naehring, 12 Lyons (also wore 7), 13 Billy Jo Robidoux (Valentin came into my head quickly after the "Billy" in BJR), 14 Rice of course. By the way, the other day, saw a minute or so of Fever Pitch on HBO, noticed in the 1980 shot that they had a white guy wearing 14! TJ!, 15 Lamp, 16 also Buckner, 17 Barrett, 18 Hoffman, 19 Sellers, 20 D-Lew, 21 Clemens, 22 pass, 23 Bruno!, 24 Evans (sorry Manny, you popped in a second too late). 25 Larry Parrish, 26 Boggs unfortunately, 27 pass, 28 Doug, 29 Foulke, 30 Offerman (barforama), 31 pass, 32 Lowe, 33 pass, 34 pass, 35 nondescript manager, 36 nondespript coach (Rac Slider-ish?), 37 Lee (Piersall a second late), 38 WSBK, 39 Gator, 40, well, I'll stop there for now.

Try it yourself. But wait like two weeks so it's not affected by my answers. Rules: you have one second for each number. If no one comes into head after one second, you must pass.

18.Elston Howard..and where is Fred Lynn? 19, right?
How does 27 get a pass?
31 gets a pass?
That number was worn by Speedy Roberts!!
BSM, that's the exact correct response to this post. It came to me a few hours later that I missed a gimme. And a RETIRED gimme at that. The only excuse I can come up with for the reason I didn't think Fisk within the alloted one second is that he hadn't worn it since I was 5, and since then, the most memorable player to wear it was the ambidextrous Greg Harris. So I quickly scanned my lifetime in the one second and saw nobody wearing it, and moved on. Had I gotten up to 72, Fisk would've come to my mind immediately. Another guy who wore 27? Jeff Sellers, who I, terribly, think of as a 19 (he wore both numbers) before Lynn.
33 = TEK are some off the top of my head

14 - Rice
21 - Clemens
25 - Tony Conigliaro
37 - Bill Lee
38 - Rico Petrocelli
39 - Mike Greenwell
43 - Dennis Eckersley

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