Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Fairy Tale

About this Grimsley thing. Maybe this article should've tipped people off. It talks about how he was ready to come back from an injury that takes at least a year to come back from, and 18 months to come back from effectiveness-wise, and he was ready to come back from it in 9 months. And a check of retrosheet shows he did. Surgery October 12, 2004, pitched in a game July 15th, 2005.

If it's HGH were talkin', aren't they investigating the wrong Jason?

I just saw Josh "The Man Who Might Have Been King If Theo Had Ever Really Left" Byrnes interviewed about this...basically claimed no knowledge, which is plausible.

Then they interviewed Torre, who also claimed ignorance. Somewhat less plausible, given the way bottles marked "Clear" and "Cream" have been lying around the Dunbar clubhouse for years.

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