Thursday, June 08, 2006

Exsqueeze Me? I Baking Powder?

Did Coco just swing on 3-0 in a situation where a walk almost guarantees David Ortiz coming up with the bases loaded?

And terrible job by No. On the A-Rod error, Kay immediately called it a double. I'm saying, Uh, didn't A-Rod simply miss the ball? Chan came running in from the other room, and instead of a replay, we get the infamous "pitch by pitch," because they'd obviously planned to do it once they realized it was a long at bat, with no backup plan in case some key play ended up happening, which it did. They finally give us a replay, and it's one where they focused on Proctor. Then, after that, we at last get to see A-Rod missing the ball, and then Kay, *shocked* to find out it was called an error. [update: changed later to an error. I love Gonzalez, but I'd really rather A-Rod have gotten the big E. I'm sure he'll say after the game he should've had it.]

Also, after Crisp ruined that inning for us, he was very pissed. Hell, No's microphones picked up a loud and clear "fuck," followed a few seconds later by another one.

Let's keep this lead for Pap!

Also, there was a play earlier where Gonalez bobbled a grounder, quickly snatched it up with the glove, and fired to get the guy at first by a half-step. I thought it was a really good concentration play. The way he used the glove to grab it seemed pretty impressive. However, I never got a second look because they didn't show a replay, or even comment on it. It's just Backwards Kay and Bumblin' Bobby tonight. Great moment earlier when Kay mentioned Plato, and you could tell Murcer thought he was talking about Play-Dough.

Varitek dong! Way to shut these people* up, Jason!!!!!

*term used loosely


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