Wednesday, June 07, 2006


What's wrong with this donut?

That's right, one of the "rabbit turds" on this Entenmann's Variety Pack donut is the color of the chocolate-dipped donut. Did it somehow fall into the chocolate vat? If so, did they notice it and remove it individually so it could go back to its correct donut? Take a look at the closeup (and click to enlarge):
That was not on there as a normal colored RT, with chocolate then accidentally spilled on it--despite that the two chocolate donuts in the box were sitting next to this one, to the left. That RT was individually chocofied! I just can't figure out how this happened. If there was some dark brown on this donut anywhere but on the RT itself, I could see the spillover theory, but there wasn't. What's my next step here?

Breaking (quite literally) news: I broke the darker one in half to find it's all chocolate, inside and out! And the lighter one is also the same color inside and out. Where did this dark brown thing come from??

I've got it. They make the turds OUT OF the donut material, cutting them into turd-shape and putting frosting on. No, wait, the inside of the chocolate donuts are yellow! What is going on here? Maybe these turds exist on a different donut. The "rabbit turd donut that's chocolate instead of glazed." But I don't remember seeing that.

Aren't you glad the game got rained out?


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