Monday, June 12, 2006

End Of CabrEra

Here is one picture from Saturday. After my game being rained out on May 13th, I was back for the longest rain delay in Red Sox history. This is actually the view from our seats, as this was the one game where I actually bought the best seats available-- something I try to do once a year.
The very priest-ish John Henry, as the tarp comes off. More pics to come.

So, as predicted by me, the Melky Cabrera catch has proven to be the worst thing possible for the yanks' organization. Since the day he was made into a god, he hasn't done shit. Or should I say, Since his deification, he hasn't done defecation. Just went back to being the unproven rookie he is. And the team hasn't won since. Although I wondered if after Kevin "Mr." Thompson's homer on Saturday, all the New York papers would just reprint all the "everything's okay because we've got Melky" articles, replacing Melky's name with Kevin's. I love how the weekend was capped off with a home run that Melky almost caught, but definitely didn't. I'm surprised they didn't boo him for that. Or, no, ask for a curtain call for the effort. Wait, I can't figure out these Dunbar fans. I wonder, though, if Cashman was naive enough to believe the hype. He said things like "I'm not out there trying to make a move right now." But he had to be making calls. Who knows, though, maybe, like the fans, he somehow thought that because a guy made one catch, everything was all well and good with the team.

That Ortiz deal was good stuff. He is not human. After all the rain, I'm okay with a split, and first place.

Cabrera is now a star in "Crash";

Just ask "Juan Damon";

& TDyankees slide will get worse.
The NY Daily News had a puff piece on him yesterday, and actually referred to Cabrera as the "newest Yankee sensation."

"Since his deification, he hasn't done defecation."

Very, very nice.

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