Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Electric 80s Are Over, Dad

The Red Sox on my TV, the Yanks on another channel, and on the screen it's Francona, Bowa, Nipper, Remy, Rice, Kaat, Mattingly, Pena, Ward, Bell, and Armas. Okay, sons of those last three, actually. But still, what is this, 1984?

Tony Armas ruled. (And note the BO/STON style.) And I didn't even know to point to my toe, knee, arm, and ass when he was on the Sox. We didn't have that in Connecticut. But when I think of Armas, besides that moustache, I see him hitting a home run in Fenway Park on channel 30's old Red Sox theme song, which varied from year to year. But you could usually count on Toe-knee hitting a blast within a montage, to the strains of "Obsession" by Animotion or Dire Straits' "Industrial Disease." Or the "Jailhouse Rock" parody "Red Sox Rock." I always wondered if you TV-38 people got those little theme songs, too, or if they were made by channel 30, the still existing WVIT-TV, New Britain/Hartford. Either way, I still miss those Labatt's Blue and Rolling Rock "33" commercials.

Armas' son took the mound tonight, and without a big mustache, just didn't look like dad. Didn't do as well, either, fortunately.

Kapler was back, (standing O that even Kapstein participated in, nice job) and looked like a different person. Did he completely change his stance or does it just seem like it? Even his helmet looked somehow different on his head. I noticed he still uses the 19 helmet with the 44 jersey. Kapler's like that kid who's all big and strong, but still likes you, even though you're a scrawny nerd. He seems like he'd be like all the other dumb jocks, but when you hang out with him, you see it's just not true. And he even has a foundation for domestic violence victims. Nice job, Gabe. Thanks for not beating me up. I won't tell the other popular kids that you came over and played RBI Baseball with me.

Nice job by Snyder. And I'm glad to see Snow go, since he didn't want to play for us anyway.

It was sweet when Manny hit the HR into seats Tony Armas, Sr. never knew, because right after he crossed the plate, I switched over to HN and saw the Yanks lose. We're two games up. I propose we pull away. Who's with me?

Here's a funny story from today's Five Bucks To Friday: "

"I heard the always detestable John Sterling for the first time all season. 'It is high, it is far, it is outtahere! A walk-off home run for Ryan Zimmerman!' My thought process was something along the lines of, 'Is Ryan Zimmerman one of the eight or so putz-ass call-ups the Goat Fuckers have? No, I don't think so! Sweet, they lost!' Not a bad time to have to hear that guy."

Congratulations to Chan, who got his green card! Nice job, Chan! You're officially recognized as a dude who can eventually become a citizen at some point! Even though you've been in this country for 15 years. (Terrible job, Homeland Security.) (Can I get arrested for saying "terrible job" to the DHS?)

We're two games up. I propose we pull away. Who's with me?

Count me in.
I thought something was up with Kapler too. Hard to pinpoint it though, especially since I was laying out worksheets of common wetland plants at the time. But I am happy as all hell that he's back, I'm willing to be content with that for the time being.
All the way Iain. And Jere, I remember those shorts for Sox baseball on ch. 30. I think they were channel 30 productions, as 30 only televised part of WSBK's full schedule. You know, if I went through some of my Red Sox video tapes from the 80s, (some classic stuff, and in good shape, too) I bet I have a couple of those promos in there somewhere. Memory lane, just off Main Street.
// Kapler's like that kid who's all big and strong, but still likes you, even though you're a scrawny nerd//

This is absolutely the best description I've ever read of Kapler. When I met him at an autograph signing in December, the buzz through the entire place was "he's so nice" and "does he KNOW what he looks like?" When I asked him how he was feeling (hey, it was December, I wanted to see him at Spring Training) he responded "Great! How are YOU feeling?" with that big ass smile.

I was never much of a Gabe fan-girl...but that changed in December.

By the way, congratulations to Chan on his green card and to you on your Whaler's winning the Stanley Cup!
Sterling is a lot easier to take when the Yankees lose:

Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees Suck!
When I think of Tony Armas, I think about that 1982 Topps Card with the strike shortened 4-way-tie-for-the HR crown. I think Downing, Armas, Darrell Evans, and Eddie Murray were on it.
There was a similar themed sticker in the Topps Sticker Album that year, too.
Kapler's not wearing batting gloves now...maybe that's why he looks so weird to you...
Saw that. Made me wonder if he never did and I'd just forgotten.

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