Monday, June 19, 2006

"Don't Have Much Time To Write" Post

What'd I tell ya? Sweep. That was a really awesome game. For anyone who turned off the game after Seanez, terrible job! But I can't blame you. Anyway, a sweet win, the type that makes you glad to be alive, combined with what the Yanks did these last two days, that capped off the weekend nicely.

Tonight it's KySny against the WaNas. This Snyder is a real mystery man. It's weird when the first time you hear a guy's name is when they say that he's strting for your team the next night. I swear the website didn't even mention they acquired him. Maybe I just missed it due to timing/weekend/semantics issues. (Always a good excuse trilogy.)

One of Theo's Acquisitions in a moment of Madness:

The Wedding Plans come 1st.

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