Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Chan news: He rarely updates his blog, but I just noticed another gem over there. Also, Chan told me this story the other day:

He was over at the park by the East River, which is actually a tidal arm, not a river, and someone had gone over the railing with their bike. Not into the river (actually tidal arm), but just down below to an area between the esplanade and the river, which, shouldn't be called a river (what with it being a tidal arm and all). So there were a bunch of cops and ambulances around, as rescue workers tried to pull the man up, stuck between a rock (the esplanade) and a hard place (say it with me: the tidal arm). As passersby did what they're known for, they'd stop and ask Chan what was going on down there, curious about all the rescue workers, as surely someone was in trouble. Chan's answer to them: "I dropped my keys down there..."

He told me that story while I got an ice cream cone at the Dunkin Donuts/Baskin & Robbins. Single scoop, sugar cone, with sprinkles. Guess how much it cost. Seriously.

"Guys wait up!!! I fell on my keys..."
and I would have to say, $4.75

oh, and this is my word verification at the bottom of the comment form: "nydcy"
Which I'm taking to mean, "New York DC Yay!"
I LOVE the "I fell on my keys" line by Garth. Use it almost as much as I quote "I Got A Man" by Positive K. Which is more than one might think.

$4.75? Maybe I got a bargain, then.

(Mine is cmeerj. See me, errr.. J.) (Also can be switched around to MC Jere.)
If you are not universally known as MC Jere by the end of the day, then there is nothing I understand about this life...
Chan is kinda the Steven Wright of bloggers. Unless Steven Wright himself has a blog, of course.
$4.75 sounds like a "ballpark" figure;

Like in MLB.
Stephen Wright does indeed have a blog, and it is not funny at all. Well, maybe that isn't the right one, but Chan's is better.

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