Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What's Going On?

My entire block, from avenue to avenue, is lined with parked emergency vehicles and fire trucks. This is the view out my window. A bunch of cops are standing around a building down the street, but everyone is calm. Maybe it's a drill or something. But no one seems to know. And anyone who's parked on the street is screwed, including the UPS man, who loaded up a cart and starting walking to deliver his packages. Maybe an update later.

Update: Word on the street was it was a jumper on a building down the block. I was in front of that building when they all came out with their equipment. And then they all left. They must've talked the person down.

What did we learn here today? Something we already knew: Cops are pricks. I very politely asked one what happened, to be told "police matter," followed by a shit-eating grin. A scat-munching grin, Bill Hicks would've called it. This continues the streak of me being polite to every policeperson I've ever talked to, and them being a total dick to me for no reason. All right, 99%. There was the nice Sandra Bullock-looking bike cop in Danbury, CT. Seriously, though, anybody who chooses to be the proverbial man is obviously an ego-maniac. Screw these people. Protect and serve, my ass. They never serve my need to know what the hell is going on! If you're in the one percent of good cops, tell your buddies to stop being assholes.

New York's rudest.

Could this be the motorcade for the Yankee players called up from who knows where...or maybe just Steinbrenner's backup? If so, they need help[. I know just the thing..a stop stick to deflate their tires. Evil team, evil thoughts. But not like hitting Papi in the head. Water balloon time, Jere?

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