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When doing comparisons between the works of the masterful English playwrights of the 15th century and the great screenwriters of the 1970s, it must be remebered that scholastic study plays a grandiose role in such untimely works of fiction combined with the nonfictional tradition of the Welsh countryside and, well, now that the yankee fans have clicked away to deadspin or whatever, I just thought I'd tell you that the yanks just put a bunch of tix on sale for next week's Red Sox series. So go snatch 'em up, Sox fans. Mainly upper deck stuff, but you can get 2 or 4 together. I'll be there Wednesday. Represent, or whatever, people. And then with the thesis and intellectuallism and what have you just for further hiding of the secret texts and scrolls.

Look for more on this and other literary topics soon as I slowly convert this blog into a forum for discussions on all things diftararian and scarborcious.

Jere, you just lost every Yankee fan who reads your know, the English language thing... I love it.
"Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps forth in this petty pace from day to day until the next Yankees series."

from: The Tragedy of MacRuth
Hmmm... maybe I'll actually have a Jere sighting. I'm going to be there Wednesday night too. I'll be down in the lower bowl sitting under the overhang.

Let's hope for some decent weather.
Will Also be there Wednesday Night, in Sec 22 in Tier, along 3B line.
I am totally disappointed. I was really hoping we were going to get a comparison of Caddyshack and Hamlet. I always thought the gopher was kind of like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
ED--I'll be above you.
Michael--I'll be roughly where you are, but on the 1B side. (with 1 roommate, 1 co-worker, and 1 guy who used to work where I work who happened to visiting the office and standing right there when I bought the tix, all of them Dunbar fans.)

CP: very impressive.
STJ: Rosencrantz & G-stern, saw the movie version in Mrs. --crap, can't think of the RHS Shakespeare teacher--the one who had a thing with Mr. Cox. Know who I mean?
"Shall I compare thee to a knuckleball?"

"What's in a name? A Damon by any other would smell as rank."

"Out, out brief shortstop. Life is but a petty player who struts and frets his way upon the plate. And pops up the bunt."

I'm dangerous with an edition of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
16th century.
16th and 17th if we're being completely hoity-toity.

1590-1611, right? Am I off a couple years?
Yes, but could he hit an offspeed pitch?
Who said I was talking about Shakespeare when I said "masterful English playwrights of the 15th century"? The title was just to continue to throw off yankee fans even more. In fact, shouldn't there be more of a problem with me using words that I completely made up? Smiley face.
Maybe it was the title of your post? Or were you trying to throw us off and you were really talking about Christopher Marlowe? :)
"The title was just to ..."

Yeah, the title was a general statement to try to weed out people right away. Then when I started talking about playwrights, I really was talking from any that may have been both English and masterful and who primarily wrote in the 15th century.

So did anybody buy any tickets or what?
yankees Fan "Literacy"=an oxymoron, with emphasis on MORON.
Already wiggled out of work on Tuesday to go to my Red Sox game. That was a month or so back when you mentioned a bunch of tickets available, as opposed to this time.

533, C, 2.

Is Beckett pitching Tuesday? It'd be nice to see him recover with me there and against the Yankees.
I believe the RHS teacher to whom you were referring was Ms. Roland - the one who had something going with Bob Cox.
Roland! I was so pissed that I couldn't come up with that name. I went through the whole alphabet, and finally decided it started with P (incorrect), but that's as far as i got. Thanks, Snuffy. Now that we've said Mr. Cox's full name, though, ahem, let's clarify that this was just a rumor. (Although algebra teacher MURRAY PENN did have sex with a student, and was convicted for it.) Terrible job, Mr. Penn. Put that in your fucking notebook that you absolutely have to write every single thing down in and then gets graded on at the end of the semester. If I could go back in time, the first thing I'd do is sit through that entire class and not take any notes. Then, for the graded "notebook check," I'd hand him the empty notebook and say, "Sorry, I just didn't see a reason to take notes. You mustn't have been clear on that. Oh, also, have you had sex with any 15 year olds today? "
And, it does look like Beckett for tuesday, devine.

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