Wednesday, May 10, 2006

See Ya On The Other Side, People

What a great day this has been. I've read some really great recaps of last night around Blogton.

I'm off to The Bronx in a few hours. I'll have a special message on my shirt which you'll see pics of later. Then Reb and I may go down to the team hotel. So, if you like candid shots of players, root for that. If you don't, root against it or just don't look at the photos.

Hey, y'all wanna be my minions for a sec? For anyone who doesn't plan on going to the All-Star game in Pittsburgh this year, if you want to help my cause, go to and register (free) for a chance to buy tickets to the All-Star game/HR derby thing. If you win, all you have to do is buy me the tickets I ask you to, and I'll pay you for them, throwing in a little something for the effort, if I know what you mean. Because, you're not going anyway, right? Cool. What I want to do is drive to Chicago, see the Sox vs. Sox on that July weekend, then stop in Pittsburgh on the way home and maybe catch the HR Derby on Monday. No big deal, but I figure if I can get tix to the Derby (only available through this lottery), that'll give me an excuse to make the trip. Wait, why did I want to see the HR Derby? This isn't making much sense now that I actually write it out. Well, either way, if you want to help me out, register for the thing, and let me know if you win at the end of May. At which point I may say, "Eh, I'm not doin' that anymore." But it only takes a few seconds to register. I can repay you for that with a few seconds worth of great pictures to look at right here at this site, free of charge. Or I can make you an official "Jere's Temporary Minion" ID card that you can use to access the no exclusive areas of this site.

Yeah, I'll be at the Sox Sox games that weekend too.
It helps to live here.
Consider me registered, but not quite a minion.
Enjoy your night in the Bronx Jere?
It's the rubbah' game tommorrow for 1st in the East. You better hope that Knuckler is dancin'.

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