Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Say It Ain't So,...Tanyon

From the Daily News: "If Sturtze does get surgery - and it will be up to the 35-year-old to decide - his season will be over. Even if he doesn't go under the knife, he may not pitch again until next season."

Please pitch again and soon, Sturtzey! We all love to see you out there.

Just in from the AP...and I quote.." I will pitch until they cut off my arm and take away my glove. And I have the permission of Mr. Steinbrenner to do so. So thank you, Boss." And from all of us, the ones who are smart enough to root for the "right' team, we also give thanks. Georgie Porgie, you are priceless. And of course, this has been a small slice from my imagination. Red Sox and loving it.
Mom here.
I caught something on CBS to the effect that Giambi has some kind of neck problem and is on the DL.
Is it true?
He hurt it making a really nice diving play last night. (However, hilarity ensued as he decided halfway to the bag that he couldn't get there in time, leaving Mussina in no human's land, allowing the runner to be safe.)

He plans on playing tonight. But we'll see what happens. Would be nice if Mr. Walk missed a few games.
Tanyon Sturtze is 35?
That is odd, other JS. It is possible he put on a few years with those last two pitching performances.

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