Sunday, May 07, 2006

Saturday Vid Or Tease Only?

Pretty sweet weekend for the Red Sox. Is it safe to say that the "we have trouble with the Orioles for some reason" era is officially over? I was at Fenway on Saturday, and to answer the question, no video, just still shots from the digital, and it's a tease, with only this Millar shot. I'll post more pictures on Monday night.

And on the way home at my parents' house, nephew Joey finds a squid. After an iffy stretch, my mom informs me he is starting to take to the Red Sox, claiming, "my favorite is Manny."

I went on Sunday, and I was thinking the same thing - the Orioles of a year ago just battered Sox pitching and these guys playing this weekend couldn't hit Lenny Dinardo. Aside from Tavarez's terrible inning, they had nothing.

Did you see someone paid $30,000 to play wiffle ball with Big Papi? That would be an interesting experience.
i found the squid.its red. there was a horseshoe crab next to it. I flipped it over. I can't believe I found a baby squid in Long Island Sound. Somebody used it for bait.
Posted by the guy who found the squid. Joe. If you want to write to me, my email is

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