Monday, May 01, 2006

Pre-Boo Notes

It's sunny and 67 degrees here in New York. I just figured Boston was the same. But now I find out that it's 47 there. There seems to be some kind of crazy weather system curling up and around and sitting on Boston. Even Mother Nature is booing Johnny Damon.

I heard before the season that the Hell No Network would have a show called "Batting Practice Today," starting an hour before Dunbar games. I'd never seen it until tonight. Did you know they actually have a three-camera production for this? They show the batter swing, then cut to the ball landing harmlessly in the outfield, or shagged by some relief pitcher. And some dude actually announces this.

That's right, I'm watching Hell No, because Extra Innings will black me out. I assume.

Bob Lorenz of the Dunbar pre-game (it's him and Justice, and they're sometimes referred to as Bob and David. They're a little less funny than Mr. Show was, though.) just did the intro, and claimed that "few men" can claim to have won a world title with the Boston Red Sox. How many teams have won more titles than the Red Sox? Two? So, relatively, compared to the total number of baseball players ever, a whole lot of men can say that. Unless he meant living men.

Cairo at first, Crosby in right, Wang on the hill for them. We should win this one. Let's hope.

I got Chan on the task of ordering and picking up the pizza. I'm all set. To sit around.

Michael Kay just gave this update: Damon booed a LOT in batting practice. And they showed a huge Judas Damon sign. This is gonna be fun.

Mr. Pre-Show with Bob and David.

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