Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Panda Watch

It appears Extra Innings is choosing networks by series, at least for Red Sox games. For this series we're getting the Orioles' feed. They put up the graphic showing the Red Sox defense. I immediately noticed that our first basemen was listed as "Millar." O's color man Buck Martinez starting reading off the names. "Lowell at third, Gonzalez at short, on the right side, Loretta...and Millar...Doug Mirabelli behind the plate..."

I can hear the producer now:

"For the last time, anything you write on those graphics, Martinez will read!"

Also, remember that commercial from over the holidays with the family in the mall who makes plans to call each other, but then realize that none of them have cell phones? It's back on the Orioles' network. Which is ridiculous considering the Christmas decorations, the picture of a candy cane on the screen of the phone, and the fact that the voiceover says "This holiday season..." You can always count on Comcast to cut corners. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with them anymore.

1-0 us after 4.

In case you do not read the comments section of your previous post, "Umair" is not me. I never been to Cyn's site. Like the Ron Burgundy/Martinez connection. =P
I must be confused, then. I know one of you has two different names, it must be him. And I guess that other name is something other than yours. My mistake.

And I read all my comments. I get them in my e-mail.
I get the same feed on MLB.TV, so it's been the Orioles broadcast for all three games - with the rainouts last w/e I don't seem to have seen NESN for about two weeks.

For some bizarre reason, the MLB.TV gives me the pictures and the sounds, but no on-screen graphics, so I could hear Buck Martinez reading Millar's name, but didn't realise it was actually on screen as well. Thanks for enligtening me, Jere.
Jer, Umair has his OWN style. Similar, though.
Buck is a BOZO.

MASN instead of NESN?


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