Friday, May 19, 2006

An Open Letter To People Who Write Open Letters

"To whom it may concern,

Terrible job.



That aside, I'll still write one:

"Dear New York Metropolitans Baseball Club,

Seriously. Sweep them. No messing around. Bobby Valentine is gone. So is Timo Perez. No excuses. Sweep. If I see the highlights on the scoreboard down in Philly tonight and the dude says, 'Three key Mets errors opened the door to a four-run yankee ninth, which tied the game before an inexplicable throw to the wrong base by Carlos Delgado allowed Johnny Damon to score the winning run while Derek Jeter celebrated from the dugout as if he actually contributed to the play,' I'm gonna be pissed.

Your biggest fan, when you play the yanks,


Note: I just checked real quick, and I kid you not, Jeremi "fa sol la ti D'oh!" Gonzalez is starting for them tonight. Maybe 2 out of 3 then.

Miracles can happen, Jere.

The barometer for the '04 yankees Choke, was predicated when Dunbar's Team was SWEPT @ Shea Stadium.

Maybe "A-Diva" will hurt his card-playing hands, while GiamBALCO twists his knees.

Damon-ey may miss it with a broken foot.

Yet, I have NOT forgotten, that @ Shea last year, that the yankees got some "Charitable Donations" from David Wright, Kazu Matsui & Jose' Reyes.

Then, there was Braden Looper, The Closer-He got me into many a rage last year.
And I, Peter, will bring a little attention back to where our thoughts, heartfelt ones, should lie. And that is in Philly, where a "what are we going to get" Matt Clement tries to tame the cheese steak city's team. So that's where my thoughts lie, now, Friday afternoon.
And tomorrow, Petey vs. Moose, go Petey. First things first, though.
Four-run MFY first. Le sigh.

At least Lowell hit a double double.
Go Mets! Just beat the MFYs.
In The Words of The Late, Great Colleague of Curt Gowdy, from '54 into the '59 Season, The Memorable & Immortal Robert Allan "Bob" Murphy, he of 42 Seasons in The Mets Radio Booth:

"The Mets are gonna Win The Ball Game; They beat The yankees 7-6; we'll be back for the Happy Recap in just a moment on the WFAN Mets Radio Network";

In the (Imagined) words of John Sterling:
"Ball Game Over; yankees lose; Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
yankees SUCK."

Randy & Mariano should consider those offers from FOX, ASAP.
Was that Mo Rivera or Mo Blow??
Mo Blow:

He'll have Tim The Dim Bulb almost in Tears In The FOX Booth.
Mo doesn't care; he's opening a steakhouse in New Rochelle. He might as well just IBB everyone all the way up I95.

What's up with all the MFY injuries too? I knew they were a brittle old team, but I expected most of them to make it a bit closer to the all-star break.
Watching Billy Wagner give up four runs to blow seven shut-out innings by Pedro was really painful this afternoon.

But watching both of our pitchers go yard this afternoon (Beckett AND Gonzalez) helps.
"Afternoon" in a figurative ("inaccurate") sense, of course.
"GJ" Josh:

"TJ, Billy";

"Hideous Job, Willie";
just remember: you gave them the let-the-skanks-come-back-in-the-ninth idea. tj.
And a four-run ninth at that. Reb, all that was was the easiest prediction of the year.

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