Thursday, May 18, 2006


Robinson Ca...NO Peg.

But since no one will get that yet (until ENP catches on), feel free to use Robinson Canoblauch. The guy is having his troubles in the field. 4-2 Texas now in the eighth, as the Texas walk-machine contibutes to a yankee "rally."

Sounds like Texas is treating the yankees as a charity by making a donation via the BB route.

Never donate to DFyankees. They are NOT a charity.
The yanks are returning the favor now, though.
Half game up sounds good...bottom of the 9th now. Th-th-the Rangers will win!!!
My wife just calls him Robinson Can-not...simple and it works. Oh, and she calls Matsui "Hedyucky Matsucky." She doesn't know that much about baseball, but she used to call Pettitte "Vinny Barbarino" and will sometimes, in the heat of the moment, refer to A-Fraud as "Jeter's glory-hole." At that point, who cares if she knows what a 4-6-3 double play is...

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