Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nice Day

Do you know who these people are: Kevin Reese, Ron Villone, Kelly Stinnett?

If you said "men who played for the 200 million dollar payroll New York yankees today," you're right. With Melky and Bubba out there also, and Erickson and Jaret joining Villone on the hill today, we're talking pride, power, pinstripes, baby.

It's official. Damon just struck out to end it. Rangers 6, Mr. Dunbar 2.

Tonight it's me against Chan in Wiffle Ball in Central Park, with my co-worker Jennie possibly joining one of the two squads. (I think she's a perfect fit for the New York Chans. They need the help; the Jeres are fine.)

Nice News to Know!

My latest post about The Inmates from The Toilet, is up now, with a Link To your Blog. It's in regards to The Subway Series of This Weekend.
Every time I see Kelly Stinnett on the field, I laugh until a tear of pure joy escapes my eye. Then I assume I have had enough, and I cease.

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