Friday, May 05, 2006

The Next Stop Is The Eastside Motel

It was already perfect that Fox News is a huge Dunbar sponsor. But now George is dedicating one entire between-innings segment to them, for a little "news" wrap-up. (In-game style, just like on the scoreboard at the park! Except that at home, you can just change the stupid channel to any news station whenever you want anyway...)At the end of it, the news guy says a message to the audience, tonight's being "good luck, yanks." Terrible job. They almost blew it tonight against "Los Rangers," as their uniforms said, turning an 8-1 blowout into an 8-7 nailbiter. Mariano will most likely have to rest tomorrow.

In better news, the man I love (left, football-sized Reuters photo) delivered a key three-run double in a win over Millar and the N+1's. Our Fox News-ish one is now 5-0. And Lowell is finally pulling off the idea I always have with new right-handed hitters, which is to simply hit fly balls to left for doubles. My dad has taken to calling him the predictable "Doubles." However, I'm taking a page out of my friend Brian's book here. Brian refers to a double as a "doobler." And not just in RBI Baseball. For example, if, maybe, there are two Reese's Puffs stuck together, he'll call that a doobler. Or, if you pass two cars in a row when it looked like you were only going to pass one on the highway, and he's in your passenger seat: "Ooh, the doobler." Stuff like that. Although in his recently published tri-media 'zine, he spells it "doubler," but explains that it's properly pronounced "DOOB-ler." For purposes of Lowell's nickname, I'm going with "Doobler."

Tomorrow I'll be at Fenway. $12 dollar seats.

Note on post title: You'll never get it. After writing "doobler" so much, I thought of the Doobie Brothers, one of whom was Michael McDonald, who wrote "I Keep Forgettin'," the bassline and beat of which were sampled by Warren G for his single "Regulate," which, of course, featured the line "the next stop is the Eastsi-ide Mote-e-e-e-e-l." Too much? Are these fun to figure out for anyone besides AJM? What's your vote? [Note: You can't win. I'm just gonna keep doing it.]

If he had wings he would fly
Not Nate Dogg

Boy how Michael has changed over the years. Leave it to you to find the best 'that was then, this is now' pic.
In a similar vein to the Fox News/Dunbar alliance, I was at the game at Dunbar Stadium a couple of years ago when Big Time Dick Cheney got massively booed by the crowd the moment they put his mug on the Jumbotron. They had to quickly switch to another shot to minimalize the embarassment. He was even wearing a Yankee cap, which just seemed so perfect to me. I have to say, that was the one moment that I have to give Yankee fans credit for. It's a lucky thing he didn't retaliate by shooting somebody in the face that day.

And I must say once again I'm honored to get mentioned in a post. Too bad I'm not actually better at guessing Jere's quizzes.
Yeah, I've seen trigger-Dick in a Dunbar hat before, too. I think during the '03 or '04 ALCS.
Lately, in the Dunbar-News Corp Alliance, The Post, a print arm of The Dunbar-FOX Alliance, has taken the Mets to task over Stadium-Naming Rights.

Time to tie down The Kangaroo & Mr Dunbar.

Murdoch & Mc Carver:
"Shut Up."
I of course knew the source of the title, but the path to get there was most impressive and I never would have figured it out.

For the record anytime I hear of Michael McDonald I can only think of how the manager always played his DVD on on the TV's in the 40 Year Old Virgin.

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