Friday, May 26, 2006

More Bostons

Here's one in Georgia. There are a bunch more. I like how second base is in this picture.

They must root for the Braves There.
Those Braves crowds are small. Must be why they moved to Atlanta.
Jere, have you seen this yet?

Shit...would you believe a double?
Have been watching it all day. It's great how when you start it up again, the music kicks in, like, Aw yeah, get ready for the shit thing again, here we go....

I'm wondering if the sound was altered by someone, or if it's an outtake.

And the double-point. Not offensive like when yankee Johnny does it. When Bronson does it, it's more like a tribute to the '04-ish Sox.
New Boston, TX

Tiny little flat piece in the middle of Texas. Hotel and a gas station was all I saw (stopped there on a road trip). So wonderfully bizarre.

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