Friday, May 26, 2006

Mocking Us?

So there are two Devil Ray players, Travis Harper, Travis Lee. Sheyeah, right, as if we wouldn't notice. Wait a minute. Travis Harper, Travis Lee...Harper Lee. Wow, that's weird.

Great 1st by Wells. I'm hoping Duh-nuh-nuh blows up tonight. Just take pitches against him, boys.

I love the title of this one by the way. An all-too-rare reference that I got instantly...low degree of difficulty on the Jere Scale.
I once titled a post "Mach 2: A Bird Killing," and I don't think anyone got it.

Also, "Duh-nuh-nuh," of course, refers to Scott Kazmir.
And, of course, the Wayne's World/Dick Sargeant/Dick York/Sargeant York joke.

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