Thursday, May 25, 2006

Karla Smith Of Lawrence Is Superficial

Terrible job, Karla. But I'm sure you'll fall for someone else because of what they look like, and then get screwed over in the end, left to cry while eating ice cream by the window in the rain in a big sweatshirt and legwarmers. Don't make that mistake, Karla.

Congrats, Theo.

I was wondering when he was going to make an honest woman out of her! Kidding. I think it's awesome. Congratulations, Theo and (no longer have to say "mystery woman") Marie!
she is not what I expected. I thought she would be a lot prettier. Sorry.
Marie: "Ha! I knew Clement would get shelled tonight! You lost the bet, now pay up!"

Theo: "All right, all right..." (Gets down on one knee)
Anonymous - I think the fact that she isn't a typical "knock out" goes to show you that Theo isn't a shallow jerk who only cares about the trophy-style wife/girlfriend. He goes up a few more notches in my book, if that's even possible.

Also, I hear that his fiance is actually a really brilliant person. I doubt that Theo would date someone who isn't his intellectual equivalent. She seems like the real deal to me. She's not all fru-fru'd up and augmented to the gills.
I don't know what she looks like, but I just assumed she wasn't some anorexic-model type, since she's described as a long time girlfriend, ie a normal person, not someone trying to latch on to a famous dude. So he gets points from me, too, for not going the Lance Armstrong/Sheryl Crow route, ie dumping your wife for someone who was unattainable when you were just a schmo.

And on the "losing a bet" theory, I'd guess something more along the lines of Bronson Arroyo's record.
Judging from the sour grapes attitude, I'm guessing that Anonymous is either a) a Yankee fan or b) Karla Smith of Lawrence. Anyone want to take bets?
I don't know what this Nonnie's deal is. They seem genuinely disappointed. About Karla, though, I was thinking, she could have said a whole list of non-superficial reasons why she liked Theo, and threw in the stuff about the cuteness, and the paper only printed the end.

Or, maybe a lot of women were interviewed, and the paper only printed the quotes that said "Oh my god, he's soooo cute."

I mean, there have to be SOME female Sox fans that would want to date Theo at least for that whole "won us the World F'n Series" quality. I'd date him for that, regardless of his looks. You know, if I dated males.

Also, TJ by the girl who got all pissed with her boyfriend right there. SOme of us dudes are sensitive to crap like that.
Yea, all the virtue stuff aside... I thought she was kind of a hag, too. Sorry.

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