Monday, May 22, 2006

If The Season Ended Today...

...what would we do with the summer?

Okay, so the Mets got game three. Barely. The A-Rod DP in the eighth was a nice touch. I guess if the Mets had to pull a Mets in one game, I should be glad it wasn't the third one. Now there's no yankee faux-mentum as they come into Fenway.

We don't have much momentum either, with Non-son Arroyo (this is my name for the fifth starter role, not Lenny specifically) losing game three in Philly. But we should be gold just seeing those tattered pinstripes tonight. Vera against Schill tonight.

I'm in the midst of a whirlwind tour. Philly Friday and Saturday, a brief stop home and then onto see the family in CT Sunday, here in Boston today. After tonight's game, I fly (figuratively) back to NYC, sleep, get up at 8 and get on a bus for Atlantic City. It's for work. I love my job.

This sweet sky was over Long Island Sound yesterday. A few minutes later a rainbow appeared. See below. Look to the right of it to see vague evidence of another rainbow.

Pics from tonight and more from Philly coming tomorrow night-ish.

If Papi hadn't selfishly taken those couple RBI, Manny would've had a grand slam. Shucks.

& "A-Fraud" heart the clarion chant of "Jeter's Boyfriend", as Sunday Night Played on.

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