Wednesday, May 10, 2006


From the Daily News:

"I'm upset at a lot of them," Steinbrenner said when reporters asked for his thoughts on The Big Unit. And then, unsolicited, he added: "The third baseman."

It just gets better, doesn't it?
Basking in the glow.
I've just done a sarcastic take on "A-Fake."

It has Buck-Style Sarcasm.
Here was a fun moment: In the 8th (I think), Gonzo went to fire the ball to third to put out Lowell, but when he went into firing mode he couldn't help but notice that Lowell was sort of strolling casually toward the base since Jeter wasn't covering. Jeter's face said, "Why the hell bother?"
Mom, I'm totally confused. Why was Gonzo trying to put out his own guy? How was Jeter covering if Gonzo was in the field, too? What was my father doing with a man in a cape?

Clear this up if you can. But I get the point: Jeter often lolligags but has enough non-lolligagging in the bank that no one ever points it out.
Mom, here, clearing up.
I was thinking of another fun thing from last night's game and I said Gonzo when I meant to say Cairo. This is what comes when you get old and you spend your day driving three hours to give a book talk to people who ask questions like: How do you remember things?
Comment #2 for Witch City Girl: Hey, O great painting-selling witch! I think you're being generously even-handed when you you offer the anonymous Yankee fan person the benefit of the gender doubt. Anyone who insults a man with "little bitch" and drops the C-bomb on him besides is someone who really hates women a lot. I think we've got a guy here.
Yay, Mom! Good point!

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