Tuesday, May 09, 2006


"I don't remember the last time I pitched a good ballgame."--Randy Johnson

Wow, what a game to miss. Tonight, my sister was in town and I took her to see Pleaseeasaur. I knew I'd be missing this game well ahead of time. I did get to see the first few innings as we ate pizza at the Two Boots in Grand Central. A dude at the bar had the remote, and seemed to think that switching over to the Mets game occasionally was the way to go. But I did see us take the lead in the third.

The next update I got was when I got home. I knew the game was over, and I saw a bunch of yankee fans around at Grand Central, which told me the game was probably a blowout, since they'd left early. I flipped on the TV, and waited for Yes to come back from commercial. Then Bob Lorenz was on my screen. I tried to read the face: solemn at best. Looks good. Do you know how good it felt when he said "Red Sox 14, yankees 3"?

So then I listened to Kay make excuses, and then Paul O'Neill actually said that "a lot of things just went right" for the Red Sox tonight. 14-3, I guess they did, Paul.

And then I saw Bernie Williams throw his helmet at an umpire. And they're acting like it's no big deal! I guess we can call him Delmon Old. Terrible job, Bernie. Bob Watson, I hope you were watching.

A-Rod's defense was nice, too. And sweet to see a Manny homer with a short-haired Damon chasing after it. Great job by our Sox tonight, but, hey, me and eight other bloggers could rack up 14 against Randy.

So, what was the deal? Were Sox fans out in full force? Did Johnny get booed? (I heard Dunbar fans booed Randy--which is so much "classier" than booing a guy on the rival team.) Can somebody fill me in? I don't know if I can stay up for Dunbar Rewind.

Wednesday I'll be in the upper deck, with Jennie and another dude from work, and Reb, taking the place of Chan. So at least I have one other Sox fan with me. Should be sweet.

Two Boots? You call that pizza? TJ, Jere.

You left out the clutch hitting by Gonzalez: 4 AB, 2H, 3RBI, 3R, 1HR, 2W, 0K. And the jack was deep.

WMP played all three outfield positions.

And Lowell hit another couple doubles.

Our choices were: Any place that was in Grand Central and was open, since we had to jump on a subway right away. Either way, I do like it, with that cornmeal at the bottom. In fact, I thought the downtown Two Boots's were considered, like, hip places or whatever.

Man, I can't win with anybody lately. Sorry I ate at the wrong pizza place. I ate with Grady Little, too! And we actually had the nerve to boo yankee players while we ate! Good night, everybody!
Yes, the Yankees fans booed Randy Johnson, as well as their AAA outfielder Melky Cabrerra. It's not being classy if you boo the rival team, it's totally classy if you boo your own players.
Next time you're stuck at Grand Central without much time, grab some focaccia from Zaro's.
It's interesting to me that Johnny Demon received no raucous welcome that lots of Yankees fans were promising was going to come to 'show the Red Sox fans'.

It sounded like the entire stadium booed Randy Johnson. As he walked off the field my dad yelled "give them the finger, Randy!".

Bernie Williams should get suspended. He was inches away from hitting that umpire.
Looking at the game from this morning's perspective, it might have been the most fun I've had so far this baseball season. Have fun at the game Jere and Reb.
Mom here.
While you were with your sister, I was watching her kids. That meant I kept having to leave the game to keep putting each one to bed (I gave them the swift Dad version of The Three Little Pigs: "Once upon a time there were three little pigs. They died. The end.") Then there were all the calls for glasses of water, the monster under the bed, etc. But even with that, a Red Sox/Dunbar game doesn't get more pleasurable than that one, not counting 2004, naturally. Real tough to choose my favorite moment but I'd have to say it was the ninth inning when the stadium was empty except for the fans singing, "Let's Go Red Sox."
I'll be in Tier Reserved SEC 22, Row J, Seat 24. Hope to see your crew Jere.
Mary Ann, thank you for the out-loud laugh, done as only you can do it!
"Do you know how good it felt when he said "Red Sox 14, yankees 3"?" ... probably not as good as it felt to be there to watch it. Trust me Jere it was a thing of beauty. I'll have my full recount up on my blog at by the end of the day, but your mom is right, there is nothing better than getting a "Lets Go Red Sox" chant going in Yankee Stadium. Though watching the faces of the Yankee fans as they moped out of the park was pretty amusing as well.
Don't know which was sadder: Johnson's pathetic performance or that of the relief pitchers that followed him. One thing I do know: he really doesn't deserve to be booed the way he was. He's been too good of a pitcher for far too long to be treated that way.

Like other people said, I guess "classy" is booing your own team...or players that return to NY in a Sox uni (eg Wells, Stanton, Mendoza). I thought the 'a**hole' chant was a nice touch, too. Really lent the final touch of polish to the evening. Bloody hypocrites.

Other than that, this was one freakin fun game to watch! *still snickering*

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