Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Dunbars Are In!

Here are the versions of Mr. Dunbar I've recieved so far. There's still time to send in yours! (Please make sure you are the copyright holder of your picture.)

Joe McEwing, Scarsdale, Arizona

Tessie McGee, New York, UT

Jim Drinkwater, Squirrel Corners, MI

Leslie Jarrow, Squirrel Junction, Saskatchewan

Mick Ianswan, Hamfordshire, Sheffield, Londonton, UK

Actually, no one sent any in. So I just made my own.

I knew these were fake before you even told me. Jerking your readers around, you should be ashamed. I will forgive you, though, because you dropped New Fairfield a few posts ago.

Anyway: My vision of Monsieur Dunbar is of a once-handsome, popular dude, past his glory years and quickly fading. (Growing paunch a must)

Dunbar 2004

Dunbar 2005
Dunbar 2006
Dumbar: Further Down the Spiral
One last JD comment Jere. And I agree with you-boo the hell out of him, each and every time he shows his face at Friendly Fenway. But I think Johnny will get over his disappointment. After all, the fool has fifty two million reasons to be able to do so. Awww, I feel so sorry for him. What bothered me (a little) was that the "boo Johnny" stuff was concealing the real reason these games are played-so we can beat the crap out of them. But Jer, I'm on your side when it comes to this. My other comments might have caused you to believe differently. Don't. Please. The guy is an ass. A good one, but an ass.
BTW, is Joe Torre that CLUELESS that he was disappointed by the treatment of Damon by the Red Sox fans? Did he really expect all the fans to stand and cheer him? This episode may convince me it's time for Torre to retire.
I knew something was up with those Dunbar drawings when two consecutive "writers" were from places both called "Squirrel"......
Nice Dunbar pics, J! Although I can't seem to see the last one. Can you check the address again?

Good call on Torre.

Gotta love those squirrel town names. Seriously, why aren't there a lot more? Squirrels and deer are all over the northeast! Where's Squirrelville, Deerton, and New Deersquirrel??

Get on that, town planners.
Deerfield: MA, NH, VT, also in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Illinois. And there's Deerfield Beach in Florida, too.

The only squirrel reference is Squirreltown, Montana. It seems to be associated with a swingers' club.

I love Google.
You know what I love about that last comment? That it's exactly what I would have done on someone else's blog. In fact, how did I not look those up in the past, let alone after I wrote that thing about it. I should've thought of Deerfield. Good call, CoPo. Or CouPot. Or SofaTater.

SofaTater, Idaho?
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Wow, I'm a Red Sox fan who could use some solid credit advice. Awesome.

Sorry, pictures from that site never link well.. It was a bigger, fatter, Tony Soprano lying in bed naked and disgusting.
I like CoPo - kinda has a ring to it. If I had a child (which would be of the Immaculate Conception kind), would that make him/her Tater Tot?

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