Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Digging Himself Deeper

"I've done a lot of special things in this game," [Alex Rodriguez] said. "For none of that to be considered clutch is an injustice."

In the words of Michael Leggett, A-Rod's a five-tool tool.

So I guess if A-Rod hits a two-run homer when his team's up 14-0, and they end up winning 16-15, then he has officially "come through in the clutch," become a "true yankee," and we will all recognize it, and justice will be served.

Fine, A-Rod, have it your way. See you in October. Maybe.

The only thing E-Rod comes through in the clutch at is being annoying.
Considering that the "Five Tool Tool" is such a Diva, seeking to be on "Queer Eye For The Straight Girl", he deserved the nasty chants which he received on the ESPN Sunday Night Game, which I was at.

Ahhhh, the Mets Fans gave it to him, with chants of "Jeter's Boyfriend." He hit into a rally-busting DP & was removed to more insults.
The only time E-Rod is clutch is when he grabs his throat because there's a sunflower seed stuck in it [Can I get a rim-shot? I got a million of em..]
I think to be fair, one of us should define the word "clutch" for AROD. There might be a language issue. Or not. Nice glove, guy, or as Geogie would say, "the third baseman."

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