Friday, May 26, 2006

Cheater Chart

Wow. That was the most fitting moment in baseball history. Derek Jeter, master of the cheap hit, collects his 2,000th on a ground ball that travelled four feet and was picked up by the catcher, who threw the ball into the crowd.

Bloops to right field: 900
Seeing-eye singles: 600
Homers to the front row of the short porch: 50
Stolen ball-strike calls from the ump on your way to 2,000 hits: countless

Congratulations, Derek, you now have the "classiest" amount of hits. Only a few more and we can commemorate number 2,004!

2000 hits at the age of 32...not many have done that, and no one has done it as quickly. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not here to praise him. You know me better. But the guy deserves a little credit. Now I'll go back to hating him.
@ 2004, DFyankees will choke the rest of the way.
DiMaggio got 2,000 hits in 1,537 games, versus Jeter's 1,571, so Jeter isn't even the fastest Yankee to do it. I don't know how old DiMaggio was when he did it, but Jeter's no DiMaggio.
Thanks Phil, for my error. You know what? No one could be what Joe D. was. I'm reading the bio of Lou Gehrig, and it's called 'The Luckiest Man." And it is just so good....available in soft cover for the last 3 weeks. A recommendation. He made his mark playing for the Hartford Senators, and then, starting in 1925, he made his mark on the world. Good stuff. And a sad end to his career, and baseball's future.
The idiot MFY fan host who was filling in for Mad Dog this morning was all pissy about the SI players' poll that called Jeter the most overrated player in the game. Then he went on to say that Jeter was a better player that ARod, and that Jeter is the first player he'd take starting a franchise.....thus unwittingly proving just how overrated Jeter really is. They're never going to get it....calling him overrated doesn't mean that he isn't a very good player.

I thought Captain Intangibles' 2000 'hit' came in perfect fashion: a little knubber in front of the plate that the catcher threw away, in a game that they lost at home to the worst team in baseball, and with their ace on the mound. Somehow I doubt that gets scored a hit for most players. On the radio this morning they played a clip of CI saying how the hit didn't make up for losing the ballgame, and the announcer made some fawning comment about how that makes Jeter special. Because, of course, most players in that situation would say "Screw the's all about my #'s, man!"
Funniest diagram ever.

AJM--all true. Who was that host? I think I may know him, but not his name.

Yeah, Jeter definitely not the fastest to 2 grand.
Some "Hit":

The catcher blew it on a play & the Official Scorer wanted to avoid a riot in DFBronx;

So appropriate that Derek Diva, got 2000 in that fashion!
You can't really compare how fast Jeter did to Joe DiMaggio because the latter missed three seasons in the prime of his career(1943-1945) serving in the Army during World War II.
Jere: The WFAN host was Adam Schein, who definitely sounds a lot older on the radio than he apparently is. I'd love to play in a rotisserie league with him if he's going to take Jeter ahead of, say, Albert Pujols.
Wow, I never knew it wasn't spelled "Shine." I figured it was his radio name.

I was surprised to hear him once on a national Fox show, driving home from Boston last year, thinking he was strictly a FAN low-level, late night, fill-in.

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