Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Cheat

A picture of a man posing for a camera in a bar with his arm around a fan of his is not evidence of him being drunk nor cheating on his wife.

There are websites that imply this is what's going on--every time. I recently saw a picture of David Ortiz doing just what I described: Purposely posing for a pic, with two female fans, one kissing each of his cheeks. It was bad enough that that picture was included with the others, but then it got linked on a much more popular site, which is clearly connected to the first one, under the heading "players out drinking photos." And it just really made me mad.

I can see if you've got some evidence of someone cheating, or getting absolutely wasted, wanting to expose the person. It's their business, although if they do it in public, they deserve what they get. But when it's a person having innocent fun, often proven by the fact that they're looking right at the camera, it shouldn't be shown to the world under the false pretense that it's the uncovering of some dirty secret.

On this site, I've posted plenty of pictures of Red Sox players with their arm around my friend Rebecca. I could easily start another site, put up those same pictures, and make up some story about this blonde girl that all the Red Sox players are cheating on their wives with. But that's not what it is. It's a famous person posing with a fan. The norm in that situation, I've discovered, is for the famous person to put their arm around the total stranger. When my dad spotted then-coach of the Jets, Joe Walton, in Puerto Rico, and asked if he could take a pic with his ten-year old son, Walton put his arm around me like I was his grandson. But put that pic up on childmolesters dot net, or whatever, and it would look like something entirely different.

Unfortunately, people in all walks of life cheat on their spouses or boy/girlfriends. Men, women, people whose jobs take them all over, and people who stay in the same town their whole lives. If you did a site on Wall Street dudes with their mistresses in public, it might break the internet. (Although no one would log on to see some average Joe carousing in a bar.) I'm just saying that the baseball players who don't do anything wrong end up getting a bad rap.

Some people say, "Well, come on, they all do it, there's so much temptation..." I don't know about you, but I've already decided not to cheat on my girlfriend. Seriously, is something going to come up that I hadn't thought of, where I just absolutely can't control myself? Like, "Sorry, sweetie, I was there at the bus station, and she said she wanted to have sex with me, and I said no, but then she told me that her favorite number--get this--was also eight! What was I to do?"

Someone else said something to me once about how her friend lived in new York City, and there are just so many women there, he was bound to cheat. Well, I'm in New York City. There are so many yankee fans here. Am I bound to kill one, based on sheer volume? No. I don't cheat, I don't kill. It's already been decided. (Nevertheless, don't tempt me, yankee fans.)


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