Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Board Goes Back

Great job by Schill last night at my game. I think Varitek finally had a chat with him, and I'm almost positive it went like this:

"After reading that dude Jere's blog, I've realized he's definitely right about you wasting pitches. I know you hate it, but it must be done. So here's some motivation for you. On 0-2, you can waste one up and in. See where I'm going with this?"

"Hmm, you mean I can throw one under Giambi's chin and no one will care?"


"Okay, I'm in for that."

"So, are we gonna lay it right over on 0-2 anymore?"

"Eh, NO, Peg."

And it worked. Pics from that game to come soon. I had a really long day, involving broken down buses, old people, roulette, and sand in the ears, so I'll post those tomorrow.

We made up for having to warm up Pap after having a 9-1 lead by making Mo actually come in after trailing 7-1. We almost got those bastids tonight. Oh well. I think America has realized the regular season doesn't mean much now that everybody makes the playoffs anyway. Still, that never makes it any less sweet to beat Mr. Dunbar.

One thing about Papelbon. People have been saying for a while now (including Kay & friends tonight) that the Red Sox, and everyone else, are still waiting to see how the kid will respond to getting beat around. Well, let's think about what he's done. He's stepped into one of the most pressure-packed jobs in all of sports, succeeded at a level no one could have imagined, and has loved every second of it. How will he respond to a bad day? I've got a guess...

If he ever goes into a funk, I don't think anyone will be able to blame it on his make up.

Terrible job by Steinbrenner's-butt-kissing player turned Steinbrenner's-butt-kissing announcer tonight (and I paraphrase): Manny watching that home run would be the equivalent of a pitcher doing a dance after a strikeout." No, boob, Manny doing a dance would be the equivalent of a pitcher doing a dance.

And a little bit of dirtdogness. I'm proud of myself for having stayed away for the most part lately. Tonight, though, after not having checked for awhile, I peeked, only to find an email he posted from a reader. It was from before Monday night's game with the yanks, and said that Sox fans should take the opportunity to cheer Johnny Damon. What's going on here? If this guy is so hell-bent on hearing cheering for Johnny Damon, at this point, he should head down to One Beacon Court and wait for the guy's limo and clap as Johnny is whisked inside. I'd love it if dirtdog would come out and tell people to bring up the steroids thing regarding Shef and Giambi, instead of doing it for Bonds, and repeatedly trying to get us to cheer Damon. Note: Without the aid of DD, Fenway was chanting the classic "you're on steroids" at Shef, and of course, booing the crap out of Guilty Johnny. Actually, due to my crazy day, I missed the first few innings tonight. Somebody tell me Johnny came out for a curtain call after his homer, maybe figuring the hearing impaired TV audience would think he was getting cheered.

Okay, before I say good night, here's a teaser pic:
Taken across the street from Fenway Park, I call this photo "Classes." From top to bottom, literally, the business world, spiffy apartment living, urban blight, punk kids.

(Note, they're probably rich kids, and I really don't know how nice, if at all, those apartments are, but, for the purposes of art, just pretend. It's supposed to be symbolism or something.)

Oh, and I guess that wasn't much of a teaser, since the rest of the shots from Monday are baseball-related. My mistake. Will I go back and change it, though? Eh...no, Peg.

Punks...I had to laugh. But the vertical layers of the pic are a nice touch. RJ goes down tonight.
And remember, Paps DID have a bad day, and a loss. But he was in there 24 hours later, and he was just fine. We don't have to worry about Paps. Now Boomer....that's another story. But one at a time. Pummel RJ
Right, I forgot to mention that. That he did once give up A run, heh heh, and did fine afterwards. I guess people mean "after he blows a save."

I should've described that pic as "first class, business class, coach..." and fill in your own joke for where the punks are forced to sit.
Artistic Punks, ala Williamsburgh, Brooklyn!

Sounds like Leiter is a Nouveau shill.
word up on that dirt dogs rant... I'm getting sick of it too.. Damon is a yankee.. red sox fans don't like yankees.. boo the bum geez!!
.. and Bonds ..c'mon.. sheff and giambi are much better steroids cases (better meaning chucky-faced tweekers).. after looking at guys like that I wonder if the Bonds on steroids thing is even true..

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