Monday, May 01, 2006

The Beautiful Night--Seventh Inning On

Stretch time at Fenway. Tied up.

Dunbar announcers are talking about Small like he deserves a Nobel Peace prize.

Loretta robbed by Cano. Is there a Nobel Defense prize? Because now they're ready to give Cano one.

Ortiz out an a check swing grounder.

Manny, please take this guy deep. Kay has already said a ball can't go out tonight. Prove him wrong, children. Prove him wrong. 3-1 count. Here we go. 3-2. Walk.

Trot up. I want a double. Myers ready in bullpen.

Jeter can't catch pop. Manny hustles to third. Singleton mentioned it, Kay will not.

The "yankees suck" chant just overtook "Let's go Red Sox." And now the board goes back. Meanwhile, 3-1 on Lowell. Walk. Loaded.

Wily Mo. Small's a veteran, should be able to K him, but Wily's ready to hit. And he does, but the wind holds it up, as it has all night. Crap.

Timlin in. Facing Damon. Out. 0 for 4. Nice. Nick Smith's 3 for 4 prediction way fucking off. Jeter up. I love this wind when they're up. 0-2. Timlin wastes one, nice. 2-2 now. yankee fan Chan in kitchen, not very interested. 3-2 pitch: foul. 3-2 pitch again: Foul. 3-2 again (Singleton already suggesting he steals second, despite not being on base.): Come on, Timlin, horrible pitch. Ball four. Giambi, the king of walks now up. This guy never swings. Throw strikes. Called strike, 0-1. 1-1. The dugout should be yelling "He ain't swingin!" like in Little League.

Sweet play! Giambi did swing, grounded out second to first, throw to second, where Jeter rounded too far, and they tag his ass out! Gold.

I really want the type of win where you get the lead in bottom 8, and all of a sudden it's: 3 outs and we win. But I'll take a walk-off if I have to. Go Pap in the ninth regardless, Tito.

Okay, replay of last play: Dunbar announcers claim--on completely blind angle--that Jeter was definitely safe. Kay adds "he rarely argues a call, so he must've had so much conviction that he was safe." Why wasn't Tek pinch hitting for Doug, who just grounded out? Wake's out, Tito, get your head in the game. 3-0 on Cora. Walk. Maybe Small was confused since Cora and his catcher have the same face. Youk up. Guidry to mound. Probably talking about that autographed picture of his at New Fairfield, Connecticut's Than Long vietnamese restaurant. Harris pinch runs, drawing throws now. Dave Roberts comparison made by Dunnie announcers. Youk hit by pitch! Two on, one out. Ouch. Elbow. Sturtze in. I'm gonna go get more Coke. (Chan got some as part of a deal at Domino's. That's right, we had to get Domino's, because all the other pizza places were closed due to the immigration rally. Which I was all for--until I had to get Domino's instead of Delizia! Just kidding, still for it. I'm also all for the national anthem being sung in Spanish. Why the hell not? Seriously. What happened to "melting pot"? Terrible job by Bush for not supporting it. Damn, no time to get more Coke now because of all that writing. 1-0 on Nick Tortelli's girlfriend. Hey, Mirabelli and Loretta, together at last. Lots of Cheers-ish names on field ---Loretta single! 4-3 us! Harris does Roberts-ish slide into home. Myers in. So the yanks' pitchers tonight are My'/Small/Wang/'urtze. Ouch! And fittingly, after I wrote that, I looked up to see an ad for the "smaller Hummer."

Okay, Ortiz up against tonight's "other" traitor. 1-0. 2-0. Kay informs us Myers was booed on intro. Duh. 2-1. 3-1. 3-2.

Haaaaaaaaaaaa, Kay talks about wind all night, and Papi does it! Hits it out! Despite "Kay's wind," as it will be known from now on.... Papi! I love that man!

Mom just called, informed me that NESN showed an angle of that Jeter play which showed he was out! I'm wondering now YES did have a good angle, but refused to show it.

Now they're chanting John-ny really loud. Damon nearly in tears! This night is turning out like the perfect one in Groundhog Day. But since it's only May, we will wake up and Rita will be gone, SO, we must improve on what we've got and go all the way to the World Series. But, for now, I'll take this beautiful night.

And they went to Proctor...hey, Torre, when your small wang hurts, you don't go to the proctologist.

Papelbon in. Good thing a home run "can't be hit," with this tough part of the order up. Ha! Come on, Pap, get the job done, like Bacardi and cola. Strikes out A-Rod's ass! By the way, Papelbon caught Papi's HR in the bullpen, making it extra sweet. Matsui is 1 for his last 15. Guy giving Satan sign behind plate. Make it 1 for 16 on the pop out. Posada. Strike one. If it goes strike two, I can't type because I'll have to stand. Done. Win.

Photos by Reuters and AP.

I'd like to ask Backwards Kay how that "Yanks are Geniuses to Get Myers to Shut Down Ortiz" Thing is working out for them?
I don't get Damon. Did he really not expect the boos? He sure looked like he didn't expect it.
He definitely looked like he was close to tears. We both noticed it over here. Boston Herald had an interesting story today about JD's perspective on his contributions to the Yankees. The writer said something to the effect of 'his teammates spoke about him in less lofty terms'. Sweet.

Jeter was definitely out at second btw - Cora practically planted his ass on 2nd base to block the bag!
You have to be in serious denial to tip your cap to a crowd of people booing you.

About the Jeter play--I anxiously awaited the postgame, to see if they'd make any correction, or at least admit there was NO conclusive angle (on Yes). Nope. Dave Justice, in studio said "I thought he got the hand in there." Based on nothing. The yankee/Yes way. I really hope they correct themselves tomorrow at least.
I was at Union Square this afternoon while the rally was in full swing -- waded into the crowd with kids and strollers and flag-waving loud happy beautiful people. Si se puede and fuck you Boooosh.
Nice job, Phil. I wasn't at it, but I was at the anti-war rally briefly on Saturday. Were you there? If so, do you see the crippled vet with the Manny shirt and Sox hat, alongside his kid, also with Manny shirt?
By the way, Jere, we *almost* met on Saturday. My fiance and I needed to spend most of Saturday down on 14th Street and First Ave, so afterwards (around 4:30) we headed over to Professor Thom's just to check out the place quickly. We didn't stay long, though...we headed downtown to walk around and make an (ill-fated) attempt to check out one of the Tribeca Film Festival openings. So we would have run into each other, if not for the 3 hour difference in when we showed up :)
We tried Phebe's, but it was empty, only had 3 TV's, and the Sox weren't on any of them. Thom's was much cooler, but didn't have the spirit of the Riv. Then again, it was an April Devil Rays game. It has potential. Surprised Quinn and Fin' weren't there. Interesting french fries, waffle iron-style. Too bad you didn't stay. We also thought about the Film Festival, but didn't end up going to anything. I wanted to see an outdoor dusk movie, but it was too cold that night.
I marched with the union folks from 19th street. I was also at the last immigration rally at city hall (which required a whole lot of cop dodging to get to, since they'd already cordoned off the area but I needed to meet up with some folks).

Didn't see any Manywear, however.
When you go down the east side of the park on Park Ave South, and you get to the point where there's the subway entrance on your right, across from 15th Street, that's where I was, standing on the right side of the Ave., with a Sox hat on. Were you near any specific group of people?
Wed. AM, and early. Another game today....and another win. Last night was glorious.
And now all the Demon Damon stuff seems a bit silly, doesn't it. Tonight with a win is so much more important. He showed class last night. This isn't wrestling....
If class means pretending you're being cheered when you're actually being booed. I'd call that being a huge phony.

Do you really think I'm going to agree with you that it all seems silly? I'm dead serious about showing that guy what we think of traitors.

And I'm pretty sure it's Tuesday.
Damon was tipping his hat to the people cool enough to show him a modicum of respect in his first re-appearance. He said this after the game, fully acknowledging the boos.

Turning that into "phoniness" is pretty weak logic, Jere.

By the way, call me a Yankee fan again all you want- I was at Game 4 in 2004, I was at Game 7 as well. I'm well read in Red Sox history. I'm sure I can match up with you in your fan-ness, if that's how you want to measure it. I grew up in Illinois, but I know the sox. I love the Sox. Don't really get where you come off telling people whose a good fan and who isn't!

I just don't buy your Red Sox Yankees Wrestlemania bullshit. I think it's actually fairly Dirt Dog-like.
I don't think I can say anything without you calling me a I won't. I just think you're letting this broohaha get in the way of being a baseball fan, a Red Sox one at that. Maybe we disagree...I can live with that. But my goodness, baseball is played between the lines, not in the context of boo him, cheer him, la de da. Enjoy the game tonight Jere. I know I will. We're playing the best team (or one of ) in the AL. I've been hating them for longer than most. And I get it, too.
Dream2004: I'm not saying "whose" a good or a bad fan, I'm saying you're some person who's pretending to be a Sox fan, because lots of signs point to it. But if you really are, I already admitted that maybe those signs are just coincidences.

Either way, you appeared in my comments one day, yelling at me and telling me my opinions were lame. So don't act like I'm the bad guy. It seems like if you were a Sox fan, who likes my blog, as you said, you'd have been polite, at least the first time. It was stuff like that, and calling BSM simply "Memorial," when, if you were a fan of my blog, you would've known who he was and called him "BS," "BSM," or "Tim," that made you seem like you were pretending to be a Sox fan to be able say "Hey, don't you want to go along with all of your FELLOW Sox fans?"

That and now defending Damon and telling me he's not a phony and being all vicious about it. Sorry, you've just got yankee fan written all over you. That and all the misspellings, I guess.

And if you know so much about this stuff, why are you acting like the greatest rivalry in sports is something I just invented. Wrestlemania is fake. Baseball is real. I can't even believe I, a Red Sox fan, have to defend the most basic thing there is: hating the yankees.

Peter: Who said I was calling YOU a traitor? Anyway, how is this "getting in the way?" Hating the yankees is what baseball is all about to me. I have a whole blog about it, in case you haven't noticed.
Dream--also, the way you compare me to someone you know I hate, Dirtdog (by the way, he's paid by a newspaper, I'm some guy writing my opinion), to try to make me feel feel bad about my position is more proof that you're pretending to be a Sox fan, becuase that would also be a way to make me feel bad about my position. But maybe that's just a technique you like to use.

Also, which Game 4? ALCS or WS?
>I just think you're letting this broohaha get in the way of being a baseball fan, a Red Sox one at that.<

If this is true, I guess I'm guilty, too.

The booing shows Damon that his decision to go to New York has cost him more than he initially thought. I'm sure, over time, the booing won't be quite as vicious and he'll become accustomed to it. I just don't understand why anyone would be surprised about his reception last night. I pretty much imagined it to play out exactly as it did. A lot of fans made a huge emotional and financial investment in that player. The boos translate to a whole lot of hurt and I think it's totally fine for Johnny to feel what the nation felt the day he signed with them.

You can label me "immature," "classless," "cry baby," "wuss," "dead horse beater" - I honestly don't care. I won't change my position on this.
illinois cat..
if you have to watch the sox on YES you will quickly become a "wrestling" fan ... and if you have to see Yankees fans all over and they talk to you and say " choke lately" and new one this year is the "yankees Universe" t shirt (which is fr charity god bless em) .. like they have to one up us errr something..

I lived in Maine last year after 13 years in NY, you don't get that there.. no Yankees fans there.. I lived in atlanta last winter.. no one even cares about the American League..

Johnny Damon is a pretty boy and Pretty boys belong on the Yankees.. which is why we hate them and booo them... get with it bro..


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