Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Baby Talk, Baby Talk, It's A Wonder You Can Walk

Angels' pitcher John "Peter Brady" Lackey got into a fight with Oakland's Jason "Buddy Hinton" Kendall:

"Kendall wrestled Lackey to the ground with Halos catcher Jeff Mathis wrapped around his waist as the benches and bullpens cleared and piled on in the middle of the diamond."

Couldn't this have been avoided with calm, cool reasoning? Did Kendall make fun of Lackey's little sister for her lisp? Did Mr. Lackey go over to talk with Mr. Kendall, only to be told "boys will be boys"? Did Mrs. Lackey then have a chat with Mrs. Kendall and find out that she doesn't stick her nose into "man's business"? Did Mr. Lackey then teach John to fight but only to use it if reasoning didn't work?

Whatever the case, look for Alice to put a steak on Lackey's eye.

And if anyone has a picture of Buddy Hinton, please send it in. Inexplicably, his face is not plastered all over the web. I can't find one picture of Hinton. What a sick, sick world we live in.

Beckett, Josh against Blue Jays to-(Christopher)-knight.

We disagreed on the Damon thing, and that's cool.

But apparently our favorite canine has no problems with absolute 100% hypocrisy by calling now for a standing "boo-vation" for "Paydro" in 47 days.

Even in my stretches of not regularly checking dirtdogs, I usually will peek occasionally. But I just couldn't bear to look at what he was going to say after that Damon game, so I haven't been there, and don't plan on going (for real) for a while. (Also, as you can relate to, every time I go, I know I'll end up pissed about something and have to write endlessly about it, wasting everyone's time.)

But thanks for the update. That is really unbelievable. BS--I'll give you this: If fans do boo Pedro, I will admit that those fans are dumb and probably don't know why they're booing. The only people I see as being angry at him are the stupid media people. Although my mom is still pretty pissed at Pedro. But enough to boo him? Maybe she can chime in here.

I know I would cheer him. A lot.

Wait, I have to go further with this. What happened to "show some class"? And "thank him for what he's done"? And this is a guy who hasn't been in Fenway since the World Series. Why is he saying it's perfectly okay to boo someone now? Are you serious about this? Maybe I should check over there.
Are you f'n kidding me? I totally don't get it.
That was in response to BSM's comment, by the way. Not your response to it.
Got it. I was hoping you'd have a reaction to the Bradyness...
The Buddy Hinton episode was one of the greats. It was so typical cheesy Brady with the "No, no, no - fighting isn't the answer. Let's work this out reasonably" to "Son, let me teach you how to punch this kid's lights out."

I think I was the first one to compare Lackey to Knight. Cool how you worked the Hinton episode in.
Mom chiming in: Wouldn't boo Pedro in a million years. I really feel he was disappointed in not ending the 2004 season as dramatically as Schilling did. Pedro loves being the light that shines brightest and that's what he almost always did. Not so much envy on his part, as wanting the most love. But dear Pedro, we did love you the most--the whole Curt thing was an epic of heroic proportions that came straight out of Shakespeare.
I said this to Erin earlier (my gf to non-BSM fans)- though I'm 98% sure it won't happen, if Pedro was cascaded with boos at his return, I'd be mad enough to consider not going back to Fenway for a long, long time.

Damon, though I disagreed- I could understand. He was a good player, but not one of the best of his generation. Not one of the five best to put the uniform on.

Don't think it'll happen though. I think people remember Pedro fondly now that they don't have CHB telling them how much of a "diva" he is.
Pedro didn't join the Yankees. Sure he broke up with us, but we don't have to see him 19 times a year, so those wounds will heal.
"I think I was the first one to compare Lackey to Knight. Cool how you worked the Hinton episode in."--that's why I was eager to hear your reaction. I heard "Peter" got in a fight and I got really excited, knowing I'd put pics of Hinton, and Peter with the steak, but could find neither online. I knew I had my "Brady Bunch Marathon" VHS tape, that I taped off TBS in the 90s. I checked it to see if I had the episode in question, but it turns out I'd taped over it. My next comment will address the non-Brady stuff.
About Pedro: Yeah, I was actually gonna bring up the whole "quality of the player" thing. How Pedro is one of the top pitchers of the generation, a much better player at his position that Damon was. So even if had Pedro chosen Bronx over Queens, I think he'd have gotten a big cheer based on the pure greatness he gave us for a lot of years. Well, boos, but with more cheers than Damon got.
No luck with Buddy Hinton, but here's Buddy Hilton "waiting for his birthday cake".

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