Thursday, May 11, 2006


Every year I tell myself I'd be fine never going to that god forsaken toilet bowl in The Bronx. But then I end up going anyway. Tonight it was the usual bullcrap, and the usual wondering: why anyone would want to support that team. Those fans are worst in baseball. And the least knowledgeable. And they need to be told when to cheer. For any of them to ever bring up the word "class" is ridiculous. To see that building crumble to the ground will be one of the sweetest moments in American history. But when I decide to go to support my Sox, they can't and won't stop me. Other Sox fans: it's a shitty place, but go. They want us to stay away, and without a championship for so long, the drunks are getting more restless by the game. Just don't seek out trouble, and you'll be fine.

I can't wait to get back to friendly Fenway this weekend.

Above: Dude in Williams jersey throws beer on woman. Click to enlarge, to see the spray. (It's actually kind of cool how it looks like he's throwing it onto the "NY," aka the arachnid, on th field.)

More on all of this, and the actual game, later.

It was a great honour to meet You & Reb, 2 Prolific Red Sox Bloggers:

The place is a dump & a zoo, old yankee Stadium;

yankees males are the brayingest blohoes & drunks in the world, living their urban fantasies, before running to the suburbs, from whence they came.

But, a few women in Red Sox Gear, were intoxicated as well. Two of them in Section 22, kept pulling their tops up, halfway, getting beered-up yankee males to shout "Take Off Your Top."

NYPD Details & Security had one crazy night.`

It'll be as riotous during Mets-yankees in The Bronx & in Corona.

THAT CAP is well-worn.
Ah, yes Jere...this picture brings back such warm, fond memories of the time in August of '78 when a young teenage AJM walked into the Toilet wearing a Sox jersey and one of the old red-with-navy-bill Sox caps. I immediately had a greasy looking 30-ish guy fling his beer at me and start screaming curses as I was walking up the ramp to the loge. Some things, like the sub-human nature of far too many Dunbar fans, never change. It just occured to me that guy must be around 60

Anyway, that's why I don't wear Sox gear at the Toilet anymore, and I don't sit in the upper deck there. I was in the loge section for game 6 of the 2003 ALCS, and I was very quiet and low key until Trot hit the homer in the 9th to pretty much clinch the that point I forgot myself and jumped up and cheered, which prompted three entire sections to start chanting "Ass-hole" at me.

I actually was invited to go tonight, probably good seats, but decided to pass. Sounds like it's going to be a rainout anyway.
I can actually recall a time @ the much-older version of "The Toilet" before its' renovation, when this crowd was a whole lot-smaller(Like 27K);

The Crowds actually started to come in Far-Greater #s, in Corona & not The Bronx, then went to The Bronx in 1976; the biggest entertainment during a Red Sox-yankees Doubleheader, was the ritualistic stacking of empty beer cups, into a huge line before the cups would collapse.

Women were not as huge a presence, as is the case today.

yankee fans only got into the Rivalry, around 1974, in SHEA Stadium. Red Sox Fans had the great fortune of being joined by "The Cousins", the Mets Fans.
The last time I went to that toilet bowl, the drunken kid two rows behind me screamed himself to the point of losing his voice, then began power-barfing beer and hot dogs all over his Jeter jersey (as well the Dunbar fans in front of him), and had to be removed by the third inning. I decided then that I'd rather watch these games on TV. There's no shortage of stupid drunks at Fenway, but even the boozy Rip Van Winkle up in the Fenway bleachers last weekend made it to the fifth before getting the boot, and he was at least peaceful.
I couldn't agree with you more. I went to a game there last year against the O's just for the sake of going. What a dumb idea that was. Worst fans I've ever seen. Nothing like a drunk 25 year old trying to start fight with any fan who doesn't like the Yankess. Then to see another 30 year old talk trash to a 60 year old lady was just great. It was the worst experience I've ever had at a public event. What an awful place.

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