Monday, May 15, 2006

Always With The Orioles

ESPN cut away from tonight's Red Sox-O's game every time Barry Bonds came up in the Giants game. I guess they've been doing this for quite some time, what with Bonds shittin' on 713. If they're going to do that, fine. But do they really need to cut to two dudes in the studio after each non-homer so they can discuss the at bat? While my game is going on? Terrible job.

Fortunately I was able to switch over to the O's station, which was on my Extra Innings tonight.

Wily Mo--the center fielder, not that other dude who was playing right earlier in the year--seems to be making some contact, and going the other way. I hope he can keep this up. His motivation should be the fact that if he does good, he can continue to laugh and joke around with Ortiz and the dugout.

Everybody and their left grandmother was trying to jinx the win streak over the O's, but it didn't work. We're in sole pazzesh of first, since the Rangers broke their losing streak against Mr. Dunbar.

Since I live within three or so miles of a baseball stadium for the first time in my life, I can now experience the cool effect of seeing the rain on live TV, and then looking outside and watching that same rain start. During the rain delay, Hell No showed a special on the 1996 World Series in which Jon Sterling, the narrator, acted like the '96 yanks saved Earth from three powerful supervillains that were cast off their own planet years earlier, only to arrive here and try to enslave the human race. And I got that impression from only thirty seconds of the show, before switching away. The buzz for Dunbar fans was exterminated when the game quickly resumed, and their team was finished off easily.

Today, I finally admitted I have a sinus infection and got an antibiotic. I think I've had an SI for about twelve years. We'll see if this medicine works. It's cool to walk to the doctor.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. Good luck with the other 11.
Feel better. And in the Hartford Courant this morning, the first mention of the B word, BLISTER. I hope not. Beckett's been oh so good his last 2 starts.
A friend of mine, sitting 5 rows behind the Sox dugout last night, swears up and down when Beckett came off after the 7th that his right thumb was bleeding, and that there was blood on his pantleg; although he also admits it could have been mud, since Beckett spent half the night cleaning mud from his cleats. Let's hope it was the latter; the Globe's being really coy about the whole thing. The Wakefield streak will be over tonight! It ends at 8 games in a row (provided Schill takes the mound) that it's over, I kinda wish it wasn't...kinda makes me feel like I'm cheating on Timmay...
Don't worry, you're next game after this will be Wakefield again, pretty much guaranteed. I'm going to a couple games in Philly this weekend, and it actually looks like no Wake in either. A miracle. But you never know. He could somehow find a way to get in in any or all of these games.
Bonds is an honorary(Lol)Dirt Dog, which isn't saying much.
But, can you pitch, Jere?
And Jere, I need to know your thoughts on this, because I have no idea what the "F" is going on.....Wily Mo is making himself at home in center. And Coco is sure being mysterious about whatever is wrong with him. His hand should be fine. WHAT GIVES? COMMENTS NEEDED NOW!! Please?
Yeah, I can pitch. No days rest needed.

Peter, you're just trying to get me to say "Now that his value's gone up, when Coco comes back, we could trade Wily for a quality starter with a 2.03 ERA to fill that hole in our rotation," aren't you?

The "too much offense" problem will be a good one for us to have, I guess.
Am I the only one who thinks that this shows that people have waaaayyyy too much time on their hands?

Scary how into the Sox we get paraphrase Obi-Wan, "Who's more foolish? The fool who blogs about Lenny DiNardo, or the fool who reads six posts before saying 'What the hell am I doing?'"
My Latest Rant, "TOP 10 Signs That ny yankees Fans Are Out of Controul" is up now.
What's up with the DiNardo Texas Rangers-ish T-shirt on that site? (And if you click on the link, there's no mention of the shirt.)
So how many more games would we have lost playing Dustan Mohr/ Willie Harris every day in CF? 3? 4?

Thank GOD for that trade. We made out like bandits.
I didn't say anything bad about Wily. It's not his fault we lost one of our best starters to get him.
Jere,you misread me. The question I needed answering was what is going on with our Coco. It seems the rumors are overwhelming the facts, because the facts are so few and far between. That's all...Wily Mo is a work in progress, but Coco was suppoosed to be the "step right in" centerfielder. And right now, as the rain still falls here, he seems to be nowhere near the "stepping in" phase.
And Wily is rapidly becoming a hometown hero.
I like Wily and I'm glad he's been doing well lately. As far as the trade, though, we won't know til later, but right now, considering the Wells/DiNardo ERA, I don't think it can be said definitively that Wily Mo's play has made up for the amount of games we would've won with Bronson.
Sterling introduced the World to 3 NEW Supervillians:
B. Williams;
Bob Watson(Dean Of Discipline & Stooge of Dunbar).
Oh, I didn't mean that as a rebuke as anythng you said, Jere. Just stating a point.

Anyway, Arroyo would likely have been substantially worse in the AL East this season, as he'd been largely figured out. Remember- his pattern for CIN this season is one he repeats for every team he's joined at the outset.

Meanwhile, Pena's saved us while our starting CF has missed 30+ games. I'd say Pena's been more valuable for us so far than Arroyo ever could have been.
Just to clean up my point- right now, the only pitchers better than Arroyo in MLB are Mussina and Contreras. Wily Mo Pena is not one of the three best OF in baseball right now.

However, the question is this- which is a farther drop in quality for Boston- going from Wily Mo every day to Willie Harris, or from Bronson Arroyo (BOS version) every 5th to Lenny DiNardo?

That's an easy, easy call, especially considering that we've needed the 5th starter for a grand total of 7 games so far this season. That's it.

Given context, so far I'd say we've won the trade. Arroyo would have started the year in the pen, and would be in the 5th starter spot after Wells' injury. He'd have 6 starts by now, and around 60% of the innings he has in CIN.

We had a more pressing need, as it turned out, for a viable, everyday backup OF. We got a great one.
I think we're gonna have to let this thing play out more anyway. Which is why I'm not on here every day talking about Broonson's great start. Wily looked pretty bad at first, looks like a world-beater lately. (Am I the first to use that term this century?). Bronson has looked like Cy Youngstown, Ohio so far. And in both cases, injuries occurred that affected how we look at everything--CF and starting pitcher.
Well, I was only referring to "so far." Anything can happen down the line, naturally.

Just that so far, on the Red Sox, Wily's been of more use, and save for two poor plays in the OF, hasn't really had a bad game yet.
Yep. The rain stopped and Wily is still playing lights out.
If you go by just so far, I don't think you can say Wily Mo has definitely caused more wins than Bronson would have, but we don't know what Bronson would have done. And I guess "bad game" is subjective, but I remember a few of what I call bad games.

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