Saturday, May 27, 2006

60% Of The Time, The Sox Win...Every Time

Turned out to be a good night. Despite Wells falling to the ground like a turkey dropped out of a helicopter into a mall parking lot, we got the win, with a little bonus Papelbon action. And the Doobler has 22 doubles now.

Then the yanks, down 7-5 to the Royals (!), went into a rain delay before the bottom of the ninth. I watched the lightning on TV, and out my window as the Wayne Tolleson Yankeeography played during the delay. The game finally restarted around midnight. Baseball fans, you know what that means:

"This game started yesterday. Hahahahaha!"

"That's right, Michael. These guys have to play again tomorrow--or should I say, today. Ahhhh-hahahahahahahahaha!"

Well, the yanks tried their usual crap in the ninth: a bloop hit, a Jeter walk where he threw the bat away before the appeal call was made. (Seriously, this bothers me to no end. Here I just wrote a post making fun of the guy--see post below--knowing other Sox fans will write in and say, "Come on, you'd love him on your team, the guy's a baseball player. Admit you love him," and sure enough, he proves me right. The guy cheats. Cheats to win. Actually, I can't even remember the last time that team won it all, but he still cheats. I respect the fundamental play, but, hey, that's what you're supposed to do. If that guy played in Missouri, he'd be considered a slightly above average player. And if he had dreads and played in Boston, he'd be ridiculed for his one-handed catches of pop-ups, and his ongoing deception and chicanery* in the field and at the plate.)

So, where was I? Oh, right. Then Sheffanie hit a ball that the center fielder simply missed. Hit him in the glove. Royals up one, first and third, one out, other steroids guy up. It looked bleak. Classic TyR: Typical yankee Rally. But can you believe it, the Royals actually got the double play. Ending their 13 game losing streak, or whatever it was. No anemic royalty tonight. I'm happy with that. Another win in this series would be nice, but I really can't ask for--oh wait, we're talking about the yanks' pitching...sweep, KC!

Two games up now.

*Whenever i say "deception and chicanery," I'm imitating the Church Lady.

Also note: The Red Sox winning percentage actually was exactly .600 going into the game, but I thought of the joke too late. So, in the title of this post, I mean "roughly" 60%.

The Royals took my hint & didn't donate the game to DFyankees.

They heeded my admonishment that DFyankees are NOT a charity.
I would like to state for the record that "The Doubler" would make an awesome name for a batman villain.

Also, there is a distinct difference between the "start towards first" move that everyone does on a hopeful 4th ball and a the "throw your bat away" move. Subtle psychological pressure has always been part of baseball, but it is pretty much established where the line is at that stuff--and the fact that jeter gets a pass to swish all over that line with impunity is one of the most irratating things about him. What a phony.
Somebody here has been watching WKRP in Cinncinnati repeats.

So, are you saying that the Roy Smalley and Toby Harrah Yankeeographies will be debuting shortly?
So sad about Wells...why couldn't DiNardo get hit with a line drive instead? Bleh.

My family is in pinstripe territory this entire weekend. I stayed behind. Go Sox!
They'll get some nice weather, and plenty of Sox hats.

Who's been watching KRP? I'm missing the reference. The turkey drop? The sleazy-guy colgne from Anchorman compared to Herb from KRP? What?
What else could it be but the turkey drop, Les Nessman, intrepid reporter? Sign this Johnny F.
Yeah, that's what I was certain you were talking about, Jere: the Thanksgiving episode where Les Nessman came up with the hairbrained idea to drop live turkeys out of a helicopter into a parking lot...not realizing until it was too late that turkeys can't fly.

As an aside, if WKRP were on today, they could have Bronson Arroyo as a Special Guest Star. "Shit......would you believe a double?!?"
I think that line amuses me even more than "You're with me, leather"
In Cincinatti, there is a real radio outlet with one letter off called WKRC.

I wonder when the Horace Clarke & Frank Tepidino "yankeographies" will be run on "NO"?
Don't laugh...there really was a Horace Clarke Yankeeography...I saw it once while flipping the dial in the middle of the night, and was so amazed by this that I had to watch it.
That's right, they did have a pretty famous turkey drop episode. I was just picturing the I-95 turkey drop at the Danbury Fair Mall that they used to do.
Jer, was KRP ever released on DVD? I don't think so, and I think it was for the same reason THE WONDER YEARS was never royalties. I have about 30 episodes of KRP on SVHS tape, with all the resolution there was at the time of airing. The Who concert episode and the tornado episode still give me the chills, to this day. I even saw the Who on that tour, in Worcester. At the Centrum. Now outdated.
Peter, it was released on VHS with stock music over the real songs. Terrible. Go to

and put in your email address. The more people that do it, the better chance they release it on DVD.

Nice job seeing the Who on the Trample Tour. Pictures?
Just remembering is pics...those were the early days. Take care. And I might be remembering a different tour..this one was from 1982. "Eminence Front" days. Thanks for getting back. As the song goes, "I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now." The Byrds.

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