Thursday, April 20, 2006

"What Did You Do, Ray?"

I know a lot of you were thinking: "We really destroyed the Rays last night--I hope that doesn't mean we suddenly can't score at all tonight and experience a sluggish loss. But I won't say anything for fear of jinxing it."

Look, people, you can't even think it. Whatever we think of will appear and destroy us. So clear your heads.

I also think that Schilling only provided motivation for "Oh let the sun beat down upon my face" to do well by running his mouth about how the dude doesn't know how to pitch and whatnot. If I were that dude, in the press conference, I'd say "Some guys don't realize that when they make fun of another player, it provides material for the clubhouse wall. Schill will learn that in due time."

TJ, Schill. Please try to use only the non-mouth parts of your body.

//Look, people, you can't even think it. Whatever we think of will appear and destroy us. So clear your heads.//

kinda like you ruined that no-no for us last night, jere? ;)
Exactly. I was thinking, Hey, Wake's got a no-no, but I better not mention it. But it was too late. I'd already thought it.

However, I did have a clairvoyant moment before bed last night: I flipped past the Mets game, they were in San Diego, and Julio Franco was up. I thought of the sauna, the baseball card in Little League, you know, the usual Franco stuff (search for his name on this blog to know what the hell I'm talking about.) Another thought came to mind at that moment, though: "Julio Franco will hit a long home run on this pitch." I said it over and over in my head, and even though I pictured it going to left, he hit it not so long, but still out, to right. It was weird because the TV was on mute, and I just watched him silently circle the bases, smiling, knowing that I am really Jesus Christ... You think it's a coinicence my initials are JS? (S sounds like C sometimes.) Bow to me, people.

Wow, what a slow day.
I think Josh Bard and the lack offense had a lot more to do with it then anything Schilling said. It wasn't just the passed balls last night either - throwing three straight fastballs to Travis Lee after the walk was a huge mistake.

I know Remy and Orsillo were saying that everyone is overrating Mirabelli in retrospect but I really think Mirabelli was pretty darn better at catching Wake.
darn good. not darn better. Wish blogger would let me re-edit.

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