Sunday, April 23, 2006


1988: Jere, age 13, receives poster of his favorite player, Roger Clemens, from Santa Claus:

Late 1990s: Clemens wins championships with yankees (not pictured).

Never: Jere forgives his boyhood hero.

this will not stop the inevitable.
Great pic. I mailed you on a problem I'm having with blogspot. Let me know, and thanks.
From Santa(aka Mom).
In my fantasy, previously noted on this site, Roger feels remorse. Remorse deserves forgiveness, no?
Mine too, Mary Ann. And I'm glad you had such a good time up in Boston, with your Papi shirt. Bet you didn't see many (or any) others!
Sorrow & Contrition deserve forgiveness.

Remorse is NOT Sorrow.
I'm with Jere on the no-forgiveness thing, but I have to admit, it wouldn't kill me the way I thought it would if he comes back.

I haven't seen any WBC gear around Fenway, Peter...EXCEPT for one guy with a USA jersey on. So I follow him to see if it says "Varitek" or "Timlin" on it (I SO wanted a Timlin WBC jersey)...and what does it say?

Weird -- I had that poster, as well as another Clemens poster (see ) and a Greenwell one hanging in my bedroom throughout my teen years.

I think it is hard to hold a grudge against Roger for leaving considering he wasn't offered anything by the Red Sox. It wasn't a Damon situation.

That said, I think he's resigning with Houston and the Yankees/Red Sox interest is a cheap ploy to up the price.
"I think it is hard to hold a grudge against Roger for leaving considering he wasn't offered anything by the Red Sox."

I guess I have to say this once again, since I guess you missed it: I cheered him as a Blue Jay. He hadn't done anything I didn't like at that point (except pitching for total shit, hence, the team letting his fat butt waltz away).

It was when he took it to the next level and signed with the yanks. Is there any way he couldn't have known this would piss off every Red Sox fan in the world? Also, again, all of Fenway was booing him in that '99 ALCS. I know there are plenty of people out there who still haven't forgiven him.

I think it would be so much sweeter to beat him in or on the way to winning the World Series than to do it with him on our side.

Yeah, I had a couple of Roger posters, T-shirts, official jersey (long since defaced), etc.

Here's the link again, it didn't work for me copying the one you sent above. Could be the size of this window:
To err is human:
To forgive is Divine;
To forgive William Roger Clemens;

THAT would be HERESY.
But isn't it also true that the then management of the Red Sox told him he was "washed up"? If someone told me I was all "washed up", I'd work my ass off, and if necessary, go somewhere where my former management really would notice it .. I say forgive Clemens and hold your grudge against the "former management".
"But isn't it also true that the then management of the Red Sox told him he was "washed up"?"

No. That's 100% wrong. Duquette never claimed any such thing. The infamous "twilight of his career' comment that the jackels in the Boston media love to harp on was made AFTER Clemens had signed with Toronto, and was part of a statement meant to show respect for Clemens: ie. "We wanted to keep Roger all the way through the twilight of his career and have him retire as a Red Sox" But assholes like Shaughnessy and Steve "Total Hack" Buckley, in their hatred for Duquette, were happy to misrepresent the comment.

Clemens screwed the Sox at the end by ignoring their last contract offer, and then waiting until every other decent free agent pitcher had been signed before signing with Toronto. The Hendricks Brothers conned Duquette into thinking the Sox had a shot at resigning Clemens until it was too late.
Thanks for clearing that up, AJM.

Even if Clemens felt slighted, which he did, he got his revenge in the perfect way, by going to Toronto, beating us and looking up at the Duquette booth. The whole park cheered him, and he got to show Duquette that he still had something left or whatever.

But to go to the yanks, rub Babe Ruth's face before every game, that was Roger telling me he didn't give a crap about the people of new England. So, I stopped liking him, and that's that. Yes, I'd rather win with a worse pitcher than Clemens. Its a risk I'm happy to take. Just my opinion.

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