Friday, April 07, 2006

Sunshine Day

To any Red Sox fans who don't regularly watch yankee games: Now you know what it's like to watch a yankees-Orioles game. The O's handed us that one on a silver platter, much like the one the Brady kids got for mom and dad's anniversary.

Only a Seanez appearance made this one close.

The person who has impressed me the most so far is Alex Gonzalez. I'm already at the point where I feel like any hitting he gives us is a bonus. Was he born in a shortstop patch or what? His confidence level is 10 to Edgar's -10. He's like that shortstop that's always been on some other team than the Red Sox. The kind you always wished we could get. Nomar was kind of like that at his best (I'm talking strictly fielding here), but this dude tops him.

And the rest of the infield seems to feed off of him. It's like having a great point guard.

But we're only four days in.

It's 55 degrees in Anaheim, where Mr. Dunbar is losing 4-1. (It's 64 here in New York.) Orlando hit a homer to give the Angels an early lead. Damon was loudly booed on his first at bat. I'm hoping he ends up being the American League's Barry Bonds, booed at every stop, for his crime against baseballity. I also, of course, hope Sheffield and Giambi become the AL's Barry Bonds, too, for doing exactly what Bonds is getting booed for. I still don't get this. Society is going to "not let" Barry get the record, but guys who aren't close to famous records get a free pass?

Oh, and I ordered Extra Innings tonight.

Update: yanks lose, fall to 1-3. Eight runs total in the three games since they scored 15 in game one. Jeter had a minor injury, but I want all yanks to stay healthy, so they have no excuse for this year's non-championship.

It is my intention, as well as my right (I live "here") to sport a black hat with an orange asterisk where the SF would normally indicate a square game was thought highly of. Fuck Bonds and any other cheap steak who shits on the integrity of my illusion. Too bad the syringe didn't spike the fucker in the neck.
Sorry the A's gave up 15 fuckin runs to those pig fuckers - Jesus! Harden is the true ace of the staff, as tonight's game indicates. Zito is a headcase. (There it is, Jere!)
Haven't I seen the above comment before? I just wanted tp say congrats to you on your extra inning purchase. Will Rebecca be far behind? I hope she does it too. So much better on the big screen, HD or not.
And baseballity...a tremendous noun usage, Jere style.
Bos' likes to put that comment wherever he can, heh heh.
//Was he born in a shortstop patch or what?//


And I'm wicked jealous of the Extra Innings.
Glad I could get a snorfle on that one.

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