Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Stupid KC

Well, the Royals pulled another Royals. I blame the person on Royal Rooters (a fitting name today) who innocently chimed in with "Only 6 outs to go before the Yankees lose!" I am really pissed about that. Seriously, get a brain. I have to say, though, even though I'm "watching" on GameDay now, to see Damon strike out on three pitches as the potential go-ahead run in the eighth made my day, as far as that game went. There wasn't much of a chance of that Sisco guy doing anything other than walking a bunch of dudes because he was scared anyway. If the yanks have that much trouble beating the Royals, we're in good shape.

Too bad I didn't get to see the Papi homer.

"Bronson Arroyo homers (2) on a fly ball to left field."

"Pitch 1: Swinging Strike Pitch 2: Swinging Strike Pitch 3: Swinging Strike Wily Mo Pena strikes out swining."

It doesn't say much for the Wily Mo side of the argument when Arroyo is completely outperforming him--at the plate! I remember joking that I hope Wily Mo could help our pitching staff, because I feel we'll need a pitcher like Arroyo at some point. Funny how Arroyo actually is helping the Reds' offense, as well as being awesome on the mound.

I guess we needed the extra outfielder before we needed a pitcher, with Trot's injury today, though.

Well, I'm not gonna argue today. Awful K AND arguably "causes" the home run Foulke gave up (though he was not pitching as well anyway). Awful afternoon from Wily Mo. At least he grabbed the final out, though.
Thanks for update!
Just go look at your Royal Pain/Papi Surprise post. You could almost cut and paste that thing right here, and it would work for a description of today's game.
way to re-define tj, royally, over and over again. I was so mad.
DFyankees are NOT a charity & The Royals have to stop donating to them.

They did sweep them last year once, though. That was fun.
Has anyone else had trouble getting to SoSH's gameday threads? I keep getting errors.
Phil- pretty sure they disabled them for lurkers starting late last year.
They were working for lurkers as of a couple days ago. Of course I wouldn't be a lurker if they ever fucking approved my account request.
Yes, that Royals game was just like the one I'd described. So ridiculous. And I do remember the sweep from last year. That was the unterriblest job by the Royals in recent memory.

About SoSH--I've never had any luck with that board, and I've long since stopped trying. A long time ago, I read their instructions on becoming a member, sent in a nice email to Sully67 or whatever, and got NO response. Months later, I tried again to go through whatever new process they had going, and it just didn't work. Then more recently, I tried just going on to just read the damn thing, and I was not allowed to even do that. So I don't even care any more. Besides, redsoxnation.net aka Royal Rooters is better. But, overall, I'm not a fan of message boards, and the overall disinterest in anything I've ever said on one is what lead me to do a blog. And I'm glad I did because I like this little community we've got here at this blog and on the others: Big enough so that you know others are listening, but not too big to be some kind of exclusive club.

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