Thursday, April 13, 2006

Same Old Same Old

Apparently, if there are ten hockey games on at a time, I don't get to see the Red Sox. Extra Innings has ten channels available for baseball. These are the same ten they use for hockey. I guess hockey takes precedence. Did you know that my digital cable has over a thousand channels? And that many of these have nothing on them? With all the money we're all spending on these packages, do you think they could afford to buy, or even rent for the night, a few more channels? Are there people working on this problem? Do they think we won't notice? Here's the plan I'm proposing. Tomorrow, everyone kidnap and tie up one businessperson or executive. (You may even find one in your own office!) Don't kill them, just don't allow them to have any food or water indefinitely. The world will instantly become a better place.

I fully blame this on the Jays' six-run second.

As I wrote that sentence, a commercial for the package came on, and the tagline was "We're on your team." I think they're betting on the other team, though.

TJ, Clement. TJ, Extra Innings. When does hockey regular season fucking end?
I almost had a stroke when I saw this upon getting home tonight. I've been getting EI for three year, and I've never had this happen- this is 100% new. I have no idea what the fuck the point of this is.

TJ indeed. Hopefully hockey ends soon and we'll be good.
There's a big.. fat... nasty.... steriod ridden, Damon home run driven..... Dunbar on your ass!!!!
Don't worry Jere; objects in the rearview mirror may be bigger then they appear.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I'll be eating several of my own farts after every Damon homer this year!!! JETES ROOLZZ!!!

If your idea was to be implemented with a "FOX Sports" Exec or 2, to force them to get rid of Buck & Mc Carver, that would be nice.

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