Saturday, April 22, 2006

Puking Blood Out My Eyes

With the bases loaded, two outs, and the yanks up 4-1, Johnny Damon just a hit a little bloop liner to shortstop that Miguel Tejada butchered. A run scored as everyone was safe. You'd have thought the yankees had just averted armageddon by foiling an alien attack. Bells and whistles, Damon "saluting" the crowd, and Ken Singleton claiming Tejada did "all he could," and talking about Damon's "ability to slap it the other way." All people who root for that team must take a cyanide tablet and slowly drift into the next dimension. Only then will earth truly be saved.

(As I wrote that, a new Oriole pitcher walked Jeter with the bases loaded, was then booed for having to tie his shoe, and then the crowd gave a massive "Ohhhhh!" as Sheffield hit a fly ball to left that was so shallow the shortstop could have caught it. Or should I say, dropped it, as the shortstop is Tejada.)

they made it sound like Damon hit a homerun he got lucky that was it

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