Saturday, April 08, 2006


It's shaping up that Pedro will picth on the night of Patriots' Day. In case you missed it, I'm going to the Pats' Day morning game at Fenway, then zipping back to New York to see the Mets-Braves night game. Now if only I can avoid Wells at the Red Sox game that day...

Dirtdogs is showing 16-8 as last night's score. It was 14-8. Terrible job by a site whose only info nowadays is the score.
Pedro shown here in Pittsburgh, 2003. Photo by me. Someday I'll post the entire retro-gallery of the Pittsburgh '03 trip.

"Big Boy" got you down? Glad you weren't there to see him pitch (is that the right word?) last night. And I thought Mattie was just fine last night. You? And Schill today...I'm a happy guy...
I'm hoping today's game gets rained out so The Big Schill will go tomorrow when I'm there instead of would be the 8th consecutive Sox game I've seen that Wake started...I've caught him more than Mirabelli...definitely one of the weirdest streaks in sports...
Ask Pat & I about Wakefield streaks...

Rain should stop around 6:14 in Balty. We'll see how long they wait to play.

And minutes after I poted the thing about Pedro, they postpone the Mets game, doubleheader in July. So maybe I won't get Pedro now. Damn. Knew I shouldn't have written that. never know...and te radar from baltimore looks good for baseball by 5:00, although I will have one eye on the Masters. Believe it or not.
The , he meant to write..
My 6:14 prediction was close. Game started around 6:07. Even though I said the rain what stop then. But I totally meant that's when the game would start. Totally.
I've seen Wakefield pitch in person so much, I'd defintely have an easier time catching him than Bard does.

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